Manuj Yadav: Open-plan office acoustics and some other research projects within Acoustics Lab, The University of Sydney

17. August 2018 | von
2019-07-05 um 11:00 – 12:00
Institut für Technische Akustik
Kopernikusstraße 5
52074 Aachen

This talk will present highlights from some recent research projects, both active and dormant, within the Acoustics Lab in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney. Focus will mostly be on recent findings from studies investigating several aspects of open-plan office acoustics. These studies have included field research in Australian offices using the international room acoustics standard for open-plan offices (ISO 3382-3:2012), occupant surveys and binaural recordings of office sound environments during working hours, and more controlled laboratory studies conducted in a medium-sized open-plan office simulation within a climate chamber. The other topics briefly presented will include studies of autophonic (one’s own voice) perception with talkers and singers using virtual acoustics, characterizing the local acoustic effects of high-back chairs, stage acoustics for chamber musicians, acoustic retroreflection, etc. The overall aim is to provide a glimpse into several projects that range from those generating practical findings that are more readily implemented, to those that are somewhat arcane (and thus, fun) while still basic enough to warrant further research.

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