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WDR Fernsehen berichtet über mobiles Hörlabor und Lärmstudie in Grundschulen

21. September 2018 | von

Das WDR Fernsehen hat am 20.09.2018 über den ersten Einsatz des mobilen Hörversuchslabors in Kindergärten und Grundschulen berichtet.

Der Video-Beitrag kann in der Mediathek des WDR abgerufen werden.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Janina Fels war als Studiogast im Studio im Gespräch mit Ralf Raspe.

Die Pilotstudie wurde gemeinsam mit dem Institut für Psychologie (Dr. Sophie Nolden) an der RWTH Aachen durchgeführt.


Virtual Acoustics project launch

16. März 2018 | von

The Virtual Acoustics (VA) open source project has been launched and the official website can be accessed via


The website provides an overview of VA and documentation on interfaces and usage. In the download section, a ready-to-use VA preview package for Windows can be obtained. The entire project is open source and can be used for reproducible research.


SEACEN International Round Robin on Auralization

30. September 2016 | von

Researchers of the SEACEN project have officially launched the 1st International Round Robin on Auralization. In this extensive comparison of simulation and auralization tools, researchers, users and developers can contribute their results for nine different acoustical scenes including a variation of simple acoustical situations as well as typical room acoustical scenarios. Everyone is invited to particpate. In the first phase of the Round Robin, participants are ask only to use the provided input data. Deadline for the submission of the results is december 31st, 2016.

More information can be found on the offical Auralization Round Robin website.

ITApp online

12. Mai 2016 | von

The ITApp web applications for interactive acoustics created by ITA and funded by the RWTH Blended Learning initiative has been launched with a preview on wave visualization and audio examples for audio manipulation in the frequency spectrum as well as an interactive audiometry.