Connecting Students and Alumni: T.I.M.E. Alumni Meeting 2014

December 3rd, 2014 | by

RWTH Alumni:  Maximilian, you are graduate student at RWTH Aachen University completing the T.I.M.E. double-degree program. Just recently you have been invited to take part in the T.I.M.E. Alumni-Meeting in Lille organized by the T.I.M.E. Alumni Association. What was this all about?

Maximilian Sprengel: I was invited to share my T.I.M.E experience with the present program organisers and alumni. I gave a ten minute speech in which I mentioned my motivation and gave feedback. The following lunch and dinner made it possible to deepen the subject and to discuss about the different program aspects. Many T.I.M.E alumni and university officials took part at that event which offered unique networking opportunities.

RWTH Alumni:  Could you explain in a few sentences what the T.I.M.E. program is all about?

Maximilian Sprengel: The T.I.M.E double-degree program has the purpose to train future engineers for multicultural companies and their specific needs and leads to two master diplomas. The student completes the first two years at RWTH Aachen University, then enrolls for two years at another partner university, in my case, at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and ultimately finishes his oder her master back in Aachen.

RWTH Alumni: What do you think are the benefits of this double-degree program as a future graduate?

Maximilian Sprengel: Within the program, the student evolves between two cultures and is confronted to their differences and therefore trains his adaptation skills. Moreover, the diverse education systems teach new ways of problem-solving which is a real asset for engineers. The double degree is the perfect opportunity, next to the mentioned skills, to build a personal and professional network and thus prepares the student very well for the job market.

RWTH Alumni: Sounds like an interesting program and an interesting event you went to. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Maximilian talks about his decision to follow a double-degree programme from T.I.M.E. Alumni Association on Vimeo.


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