Schlagwort: ‘Scientific Writing and Publishing’

Webinar for Research Alumni

March 14th, 2013 | by
Webinar 003


Writing has become an essential part of any researcher’s life. Successfully pursuing an academic  or professional career largely depends on writing well – at least well enough to get published and read. Yet to many researchers, writing seems difficult and frustrating, a necessary evil rather than an enjoyable part of the research itself.

Next week on Friday (March 22, 2013) we will stage our first live online seminar (webinar) for international researchers within the project “Research Alumni of RWTH Aachen University”, awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. This webinar will address the most common difficulties in the writing process. Its goal is to develop an idea of what “writing well” really means and to show that writing in English for an international readership is a skill that can be acquired and improved continuously.

This continuing education opportunity is open to current and former international postdocs and guest professors of RWTH Aachen University. Places are limited!

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