Spanish Theater in RWTH: Dios en la niebla

10. November 2014 | von


How about some Spanish theater, amigos!?


 Dios en la nieblFrontFlyer3a, a play written by Dr. Natalia González de la Llana , will be presented on November 14th at  the Romanistik Institute as part of the Wissenschaftsnacht. Students of the Romanist Faculty, under the  direction of Natalia de la Llana herself, bring to life characters that deal with questions that people at some  point in their life have also asked themselves; questions about life, death, beliefs, hope and despair. It is  through the eyes of Augusto, a 50 year-old teacher who recently became a widower, that we get a taste of  human existence and analyse the ups and downs of life when it seems to stall. His journey through bitterness,  sorrow, hope, anger and uncertainty are a faithful testimony of our weaknesses and strengths, a reminder of  the changing nature of our lives. In the eternal fight between good and evil we get to know the devil and also  an angel, characters that try to take Augusto´s soul to their respective sides as they find out about his suicidal  thoughts. The conversations between devil and angel serve as a way to draw the audience into a delicate  atmosphere where those questions about eternity, afterlife and faith – among other subjects -, will not necessarily be answered, but rather left open so that everyone can make their own conclusions.

The play is in Spanish, but subtitles in German will be projected automatically. The date is November 14th, the time 19:00 and 21:00 hours. Free admission and a nice surprise for everyone. Come, join us and have a good time… hasta pronto!

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