Internet boredom?

27. November 2014 | von

This is just a „quick note“: even though we have the world wide web in front of us, it can happen that we feel bored or simply need a break. The following are some Youtube channels and a couple of sites you might like. Again, no long introduction… hopefully you´ll find something that fits your taste:

Youtube channels:

That guy with the glasses/league of supercritics:

Nostalgia Critic: Doug Walker aka The Nostalgia Critic is the head of the group. He reviews old movies and makes funny remarks about them. A bit too energetic sometimes and quite a friend of swearing, his style might not be something for every person, but if you enjoy so-bad-they-are-good movies, at least check his review of The Room, the world needs to know about this movie and review! Nostalgia Chick might be an alternative if you prefer a girl´s point of view. Here´s a short introduction:

Featured: Nostalgia Critic, The Room

Todd in the shadows: If you are into music and would like to enjoy some funny remarks and informative facts about new hits and classic songs, maybe Todd is the to-go guy. His series One Hit Wonderland is definitely intersting and full of unknown facts about songs like Take on me, Kung fu fighting, Come on Eileen, etc. From Lady Gaga to Karl Douglas, you will probably find at least one song you like.

Featured: All about that bass, a review

Top ten paradise: Watchmojo

Watchmojo is all about top ten lists. From NES and PS3 video games to Anime, from top ten series like The Walking Dead to top ten classic movies like Casablanca, they cover a huge amount of topics.

Featured: top ten motivational movies


The angry video game nerd, a character by James Rolfe, is a classic video game reviewer. If the names SNES, Game Cube, Jaguar, Vitual Boy and Genesis tell you something, you will find in this channel a place to enjoy. Game reviews about the worst of them all (and sometimes also great ones). His angry way and clever insults can offend some and seem dumb to others, but if you don´t mind taking a look:

Featured: AVGN reviews Castlevania 2


Huevo Cartoon

Huevo cartoon is a series of short videos created in Mexico, if you speak or are learning Spanish, this is a fun way to practice. Some videos require some knowledge of latin culture in order to be understood, but most of them work just fine for everyone.

Featured: huevo poetas


Some interesting sites:

Listverse.com: a site that offers list readers a great amount of material to spend hours and hours that you could be using to study! One lists takes to the next one and even though you swear that last one will be THE last one, some more will likely still follow.
Featured: Top 10 most popular lists on the site 😉

idealo.de/geizhals.de/preisvergleich.de: Germany offers some nice sites where you can compare prices of products you want to buy. Idealo has the best reviews and seems to show more options, but taking a look at the other options might also help you save some money.

Songfacts.com: exactly what the name suggests, interesting and little known facts about songs. You never know, there might be an amazing story behind your favorite song.


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