Fu**ing Mondays… fu**ing weather…

02. Dezember 2014 | von

REALLY? Monday again??? How can weekends be so short? Monday is coming and you know what a pain that is, those days are so freaking long. Plus, what´s with this awful weather in Aachen? It´s so annoying… this crappy rain and wind can really turn every day into a gray painting that nobody wants to look at.  You feel me? You know what I mean? Because if you do, boy… are we many! And, you see, that is kind of the problem: negative plus negative only equals positive in Math, but in real life, your gray mood and my gray mood make our day a burden.


Here´s the thing: what makes a day great or terrible? Well, sometimes things happen and you can´t do much about it; a relative gets sick, you lost your job, your dearest glass turns into pieces as it slips throw your hands… those things happen and they will always come and go, what makes an enormous difference is what you do about it, how you react. Awful Monday? How about you´d lose all Mondays from now on? How shorter would your life be? Do you know what is the one thing that most people say they would change money for? TIME!

I remember a period after an accident I had: I could not walk, I could barely move, pain was so terrible that over the worst five days and nights of pain I could sleep only a few hours… I was already hearing voices and losing it. It took around one year for me to be able to walk normally again, without feeling that my back was broken in two. Something interesting happened: I realized, while walking, how happy I was because I was doing it! That simple thing we do every day suddenly became a blessing and gave me back a feeling of freedom I didn´t know I had gotten used to, it all just because I didn´t need an arm holding me any more. Thousands of times we have heard the phrase: “you never know the value of what you have until you lose it“, we have heard it so much that it has lost its meaning and it isn´t until – guess what? – we lose something, that we remember and understand.



Hate that horrible weather? Well, some people fought against sickness for months or years just hoping they would live to see a new day, Monday, Thursday or Sunday, rainy or sunny… but some of them didn´t make it today. Those days we spend in a bad mood or simply with a “meh“ attitude are the ones others wished they had. It does not have to be so extreme, there´s really no need to talk about the value of time seen from a life-death point of view, just try to realize that it is, most of the time, a matter of perspective and willingness to enjoy and live the day.This does not imply that one can go the whole time with a smile that shines like one´s working for some tooth paste company; problems will come, difficult times will find us and hit us and it is unrealistic to think or say that we will always find a positive side, but facing those situations with a permanently negative mind will certanly not make them any better. Knowing that YOU control your emotions, that nothing and nobody can keep you from feeling good… not your boss, not the teacher, not that bus driver, not the family, not the rain, not the cold mornings, it is YOU who decides what to make out of the time you are given.



Try to stop complaining, blaming others, expecting something to happen, instead try to make things be different. Do you want to get more from life? How about giving more too? If you think life sucks, you are right; if you think it is amazing, you are right! Do you know what is great about having problems? You need to be alive to have them. Do you know what is great about bad weather? If fits inside a good cup of tea.

How many horrible gray Mondays will your life have?

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