A small place for latinos…

13. Februar 2015 | von

Just a short note about this place called „El Sencillito“, a small bar and dance floor where you will enjoy latin music and some nice drinks. Whether you like latinamerican rhythms or you are a latino yourself, chances are you will run into nice people and conversations. This is not the only place, nor is it particularly beautiful, it is, as its name suggests, sencillo (simple, easy) but that actually adds to the cozy feeling and atmosphere. You can even learn salsa, bachata and then some, since there are courses for different levels. I have only been there a few times, but it is definitely a place to visit and to remember whenever you are looking for a different experience in Aachen. Not far from Rathaus!

El-Sencillito Salsa Caffee * Salsa Club * Salsa Bar Mostard Strasse 15   D-52062 Aachen

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