Growing up means learning to say good bye…

26. Februar 2015 | von

When we are children we all are a bit of everything… astronaut, doctor, singer, TV star… growing up means having to give up on many of those dreams. This is certainly sad, but in a way, learning to say bye to those ideals also means that we learn more about ourselves and try to find our path. Days come and go and with time flies a part of our fantasy, as we are expected to become realistic persons who try to fit in this machine that our society moves on. These thoughts come and go every year, which is especially hard to take when the combination of memories and proyects seems to overwhelm many of us. Changes are now and then unnoticeable, you see yourself in the mirror and cannot tell the difference between today and a month ago, and then it turns out that over the years, without warnings, the face that looks back at you isnt the one you had in mind and you wonder „when did that happen?“

As I read once: „One should not pull the tiger´s tail… but if you already have it in your hands, dont let go.“ I cannot remember how many times I have been standing in front of crossroads and wondered what the next right move could be. The truth is, sometimes you just have to go ahead and follow what you are feeling, maybe without a plan, maybe taking a risky turn, just following your mind or heart. As time goes by, you might look back and wonder whatever you were thinking when you made X or Y decision, but it is important to notice that most of our decisions are based on something that exists in the moment we make them and it often happens that circumstances and thoughts change over time, we are not today what we were one year ago, thoughts have changed, our situation too, there´s maybe a bit more of sadness or happiness… so it is unfair to blame or punish ourselves over moves we made, after all we too, same as our environment, change.

It is quite probable that we will regret many of our decisions, particularly those the make in a rush and while sometimes it means that we didnt plan in time, other times life does not give you the chance to prepare an answer and you are only left with your hunches. Maybe we dont know what it is what we want, but we usually know what it is that we do not want, and that is not little information! Even though it has been said thousands of times, the value of the phrase: „we´ll regret rather those things that we didnt do than those we did“ continues to be true quite often. Your train of life might seem the same from day to day, but thoughts and lessons learned remind you that you have come a long way.

Want to start that crazy project but the numbers dont add up? Want to go there, where your dreams have been born? Maybe, just maybe – and I say this as someone who really wonders himself – all you need to consider is if that project, that trip will make you happier. Too much analysis of certain things take away the wonder they come sorrounded by. Some things are meant to be drawn and meassured before becoming true… those are the ones that tend to give you what you need, some other things are just meant to be done… those are the ones that tend to give you what you want. Growing up means learning to say good bye… but it does not have to mean giving up on the things we long for. Like Robert James Waller wrote: „Today I cherish, tomorrow I dust.“

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