The 13th Five-Year Plan for the industry of pharmaceutical distribution came out

February 10th, 2017 | by

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce published the industrial development plan of pharmaceutical distribution (2016-2020). The plan cleared the overall goals for the industry of pharmaceutical distribution during the 13th Five-Year. There are five key tasks in the plan: 1. reasonable planning of the industrial layout and integrating the drug distribution network; 2. improving the level of distribution management and training modern pharmaceutical suppliers; 3. innovating the industrial business model, and expanding the service function of the industry; 4. combining import and export, improving the openness of the industry; 5. strengthening the infrastructure of the industry,  and improving the ability of industrial service. (Source: Shanghai Securities News)

药品流通业十三五规划出炉 药品零售企业将迎来利好

来源:上海证券报 2016-12-30


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