The State Council implements a new policy to public prescriptions

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 9th January, the State Council published the plan of deepening the health reform in the 13th Five-Year. The plan requires that until the year of 2020, all medical institutions should be 100% covered by supervisions and examinations. The classifying system of the diagnosis and treatment should be formed fundamentally step by step, which fits the national conditions. Besides, the plan clears that medical institutions should make prescriptions with approved drug names and actively offer prescriptions to patients. Prescriptions should not be limited to publish. A new model should be explored to make outpatient purchase drugs from multiple channels. In the future, retail pharmacies will become an important channel to sell drugs and offer pharmaceutical services to patients step by step. (Source:

国务院落实处方外流新政 实体药店的春天来了!

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