Wang Jianlin spending 15 billion to build up Wanda chain hospitals

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 18th January at the annual meeting of “2017 Winter Davos” the chairman of the board of Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin said that he was considering starting chain hospitals. It is reported that on 6th January, 2016 Wanda Group signed the cooperation agreement with British International Hospitals Group Limited (IHG) in Beijing. According to the agreement, Wanda invests 15 billion for three comprehensive international hospitals in Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao. Three hospitals will be operated and managed by IHG with the brand of IHG. This has been the biggest investment in this field from Chinese enterprises. It is also the first implemented project for IHG to run hospitals in China. (Source: Chinamsr)

王健林出手 已花150亿建立万达连锁医院

来源:中国医药联盟 2017-01-19

核心提示:当地时间1月18日,万达集团董事长王健林在瑞士达沃斯召开的“2017冬季达沃斯”年会上公开表示,正在考虑做连锁医院。据悉,2016年1月6日,万达集团已经在北京完成了与英国国际医院集团(International HospitalsGroup Limited,简称IHG)的合作协议签订。根据双方协议,万达总投资150亿元,在上海、成都、青岛建设三座综合性国际医院,由IHG运营管理并使用IHG品牌。首次出手医疗领域的万达创造了中国企业在该领域最大的一笔投资,这一项目也成为IHG在中国运营管理医院的第一个落地项目。

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