10 pharmacies became pilot stations for recycling expired drugs

March 21st, 2018 | by

To safeguard the pharmaceutical market order, one should avoid that expired drugs flow into the market and endanger the medication safety. The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Tianjin organized that the pharmaceutical drug retailers start the recycling of expired drugs. On 29th November 2017, the long-term basis recycling work of expired drugs officially started. For the first batch, 10 pharmacies became pilot stations. (Source: China Network Finance)


来源:中国网财经 2017-11-30

核心提示: 为保障药品市场秩序,防止过期药品流入市场,保证百姓用药安全,天津市市场监管委组织天津市药品零售企业积极开展过期药品回收工作。2017年11月29日,天津市过期药品长期回收活动正式启动,首批10个药店纳入试点。

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