65 licensed pharmacists got publicized! The CFDA exposes the situation of fake subordinations for the first time

March 21st, 2018 | by

On 22nd November, the CFDA published an announcement about the inspection of fake subordinations of licensed pharmacists in pharmaceutical distributors. It is known that the FDA in Jilin and some other provinces found 65 licensed pharmacists with fake subordinations. The FDAs have registered the information of those pharmacists in the management information system of national licensed pharmacists. The provincial registration institution of licensed pharmacists will capture and de-register their certificate and make them public. (Source: 21st Century Pharmacy)


来源:21世纪药店 2017-11-23

核心提示: 11月22日,国家食品药品监督管理总局网站上发布《关于药品经营企业中执业药师“挂证”行为检查情况的通告》。据悉,吉林等省(自治区)食品药品监管部门检查发现“挂证”行为的执业药师65人。相关食品药品监管部门已将上述“挂证”人员相关信息录入全国执业药师注册管理信息系统,由所在省执业药师注册机构依照相关规定收缴其注册证,并注销注册、对外公示。

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