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Enforcement regulation to confidentiality of information supervision of drug examination and approval

June 19th, 2019 | by

Recently, the National Medical Products Administration published “Enforcement regulation to reinforce confidentiality information supervision of drug examination and approval”, which specifies four kinds of confidential information and thirteen circumstances of revealing confidential information. The “Enforcement regulation” asserts legal rights and interests of drug registration proposers, normalizes and reinforces the confidentiality management of examination and approval of information, in order to ensure the legality and high efficiency of the operation of drug examination and approval.


来源:中国医药报 2018.05.22


Pharmacist Sharing is coming!

May 4th, 2018 | by

On 7th March, Ali Health announced their new product  “Pharmacist Sharing”, which offers the online “Pharmacist Sharing” consulting service to pharmacies for free. The shop assistant in offline pharmacies may consult the online licensed pharmacists to help customers at offline pharmacies in time. As known, the service team is built by Ali. There are around 3000 licensed pharmacists working every day from 8:30 to 24:00 for the online consulting. (Source:


来源:中国制药网 2018-03-08

核心提示:3月7日,阿里健康宣布推出“共享药师”产品, 免费面向社会药店店主提供第三方的开放平台的“共享药师”在线咨询服务。线下药店的店员可以咨询在线执业药师,从而帮助线下门店顾客及时解决用药咨询。据了解,该药师服务团队为阿里健康自建,约有3000名执业药师,每天从8:30到24:00服务在线咨询顾客。

First drug tracing service platform based on blockchain went online

May 4th, 2018 | by

In June, 2017, the fist drug tracing service platform based on blockchain – Ziyun drug tracing service platform – went online. It is known that all tracing data from Zhengzhou Aolite Pharmaceutical is saved on the blockchain platform of Ziyun Shares. With the model of “one code for one item” all trancing dates cannot be changed, so that all products from Aolite Pharmaceutical are qualified to pass the quality control in the distribution process. (Source: CFLP)


来源:中国物流与采购网 2017-06-07


Smart supervision platform for medical treatment goes online – violations will be automatically given an alarm

January 20th, 2018 | by

Health and Family Planning Commission in Hubei has recently launched the smart supervision platform for medical treatment services. When doctors prescribe drugs, the related data will be uploaded to the platform for synchronization. If there is any violation, the platform will give an alarm automatically.  The platform is known to be on trial in provincial-governed hospitals and will be promoted to all hospitals in Hubei Province in 2018. (Source: Chutian City News)

医疗智能监管平台上线 遇违规行为将自动警报

来源:楚天都市报 2017-12-11

核心提示:湖北省卫生计生委近日已启动医疗服务智能监管平台。 医生在开具处方时,相关数据会同步上传到平台。如有违反规则的行为,平台将自动弹出警报提醒。据了解,该平台目前正在部省属医院试用,2018年将在全省各医院推开。

One month after new policies of health reform in Beijing

November 7th, 2017 | by

From 8th April, new policies of health reform in Beijing were adopted to separate drugs from supporting hospitals. On 7th May, Beijing Health and Familiy Planning Commission said since the implementation of the reform, the change of medical service fee has met the expectation. The fee for medication and drugs has been noticeably reduced. From the data mining, it can be seen that some ordinary sicknesses are distributed to primary medical institutions. There are less patients in big hospitals, which fulfil the target of leading a hierarchical medication system. (Source: ChinaNews)


来源:中国新闻网   2017-05-08


Paying by insurance card is suspended at 19 pharmacies in Xi’an due to the fraud

February 22nd, 2017 | by

Recently, the social security center of the Xi’an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau carried out the inspection at health-insurance-designated retail pharmacies. In the inspection, it has been found out that in some pharmacies, it was possible to buy household items paying by health insurance cards. According to relevant rules, 19 pharmacies with the fraud are punished with suspension of their businesses. (Source:


来源:西部网 2017-02-16


A tracing system for the distribution of Chinese medicine went online in Hubei

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 28th December, a tracing system for the distribution of Chinese medicine went online at the modern logistics center of Dongxihu in Hubei. The tracing system relies on the information technology and the Internet of Things technology. Customers can use smartphones, internet or terminals and scan the electronic tag on the packages of Chinese medicine products, so that all the distribution information (planting, manufacturing and distributing) can be tracked. The establishment of this system can avoid fake products. (Source:


来源:荆楚网 2016-12-29


Hospitals default in tens of billions – the department of commerce starts to intervene

January 31st, 2017 | by

A while ago, the department of Commerce in Hunan sent letters to the health reform office in Hunan and informed them that several hospitals in Hunan have stopped the payments for drugs for three months because “the drug operation cost and drug management fee were not embodied in hospitals”. Recently, the pharmaceutical distribution industry association Hunan showed that since the beginning of 2016, 20 public hospitals have defaulted on the drug payment in more than 10 billion yuan. To maintain the normal supply, some pharmaceutical manufacturers have to take out loans from non-government institutions with high interest rates. The loss from it can be 200 thousand yuan per month. (Source: Bioon)


来源:生物谷 2016-12-22


Three national standards for Chinese medicine codes were implemented in six pharmaceutical companies

January 31st, 2017 | by

On 21st December, a press conference was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The occasion was the one-year anniversary of three national standards, including “Chinese medicine coding regulations”. It is said that three national standards (“Chinese medicine formulae coding regulations”, “Chinese medicine regulations”, and “codes and indications of Chinese medicine in the supply chain management”) were already implemented in six Chinese medicine manufacturers in Shenzhen. Through the identification of Chinese medicine, a third-party platform and an evaluation system were created; QR codes were offered for scanning; a tracing system was being built up step by step; a safeguard mechanism of drug safety was built up. (Source: China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine)


来源:中国中医药报 2016-12-22


SF Express joins hands with Sanofi to expand the business of cold-chain logistics together

November 23rd, 2016 | by

On 16th November, the subsidiary of SF Express – Chengdu Shunyifeng Pharmaceutical held the launch ceremony of the cooperation with Sanofi (China) in Chengdu. They will launch a project for a new pharmaceutical logistic center in Chengdu. The new center will be the third pharmaceutical logistic center of Sanofi in China and the first one in Southwest China. In the first stage of the cooperation, Sanofi will hand over the drug delivery to SF Express. In later periods, according to the development of the business, Sanofi would hand over the vaccine delivery business to SF Express as well. (Source: Yigoonet)


来源:医谷 2016-11-18