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The reformation of the State Council institutions: repealing CFDA and establishing the Drug Administration

March 21st, 2018 | by

The reformation scheme of the State Council institutions was published on 13.03.2018. It was mentioned in the scheme that the National Market Supervision Administration will be established as a subordinate institution of the State Council. Furthermore, concerning the particularity of drug supervision, the National Drug Supervision Administration will be independently established, which will be directed by the National Market Supervision Administration. The market supervision will be directed hierarchically. The drug supervision institutions will be set only to the provincial level. The supervision of drug distribution and drug sales will be operated by the supervision administrations at the city and country level. The CFDA will not be kept in the reformation. (Source:

国务院机构改革: 撤销食药监总局、单设药监局

来源:人民网 2018-03-14


The supervision and management regulation for drug retailing online seeks for opinions: Prescription drugs are forbidden to sell online

March 21st, 2018 | by

CFDA recently publishes the supervision and management regulation for drug retailing online (exposure draft) and asks for opinions from the public. The exposure draft emphasizes that pharmacies online should neither sell prescription drugs, nor exhibit information of them. Licensed pharmacists are also necessary for pharmacies online. These are also the latest management regulation for pharmacies online, which will further enhance the distribution environment of drug retailing online and maintain the medication safety. (Source: Souhu)


来源:搜狐 2017-11-17


One month after new policies of health reform in Beijing

November 7th, 2017 | by

From 8th April, new policies of health reform in Beijing were adopted to separate drugs from supporting hospitals. On 7th May, Beijing Health and Familiy Planning Commission said since the implementation of the reform, the change of medical service fee has met the expectation. The fee for medication and drugs has been noticeably reduced. From the data mining, it can be seen that some ordinary sicknesses are distributed to primary medical institutions. There are less patients in big hospitals, which fulfil the target of leading a hierarchical medication system. (Source: ChinaNews)


来源:中国新闻网   2017-05-08


New policies for vaccine come again

February 22nd, 2017 | by

On 7th February, the State Council announced to further strengthen the management work of vaccine distribution and vaccination. 6 aspects are carried out to keep the focus on vaccine quality and security of vaccination: 1. improving the management mechanism of vaccine; 2. accelerating the self-research of vaccine and the improvement of the quality; 3. strengthening the whole-process management of the vaccine distribution; 4. regulating the vaccination management; 5. Carrying out the safeguard measures; 6. Strengthening the supervision and inspection. (Source: Menet)


来源:米内网 2017-02-09


New phase of development – the healthcare industry might be restructured

February 22nd, 2017 | by

On 9th February, the State Council published an announcement stating several opinions about the further reform and improvement of the policy of drug manufacturing, distribution and utility. The announcement illustrates the top-down design in the reform directions of drug production, distribution and utility. The implementation of the announcement might restructure the layout of the industry. The healthcare industry might develop into a new phase. (Source:

发展进入新周期 医药行业或将重构格局

来源:大洋网 2017-02-15


FDA and hospitals start to block medical representatives

February 10th, 2017 | by

After CCTV exposing that doctors accepted rake-off in Shanghai and Hunan, FDAs and hospitals in various regions started to take actions to block medical representatives. (Source: Saibailan)


来源:赛柏蓝器械 2016-12-28


Health authorities responded to the issue of doctors accepting rake-off

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 24th December, CCTV reported: “high drug price under the high rake-off”. After the report, CFDA immediately required the Health and Family Planning Administration Departments in Shanghai and Hunan to investigate the issue of high rake-off, publish the result in time and punish the people involved according to relative laws and regulations. Until 26th December, three doctors have been suspended. The involving drugs were stopped as well. Hunan FDA also suspended one involving doctor. (Source: Health News)


来源:健康报 2016-12-26


A tracing system for the distribution of Chinese medicine went online in Hubei

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 28th December, a tracing system for the distribution of Chinese medicine went online at the modern logistics center of Dongxihu in Hubei. The tracing system relies on the information technology and the Internet of Things technology. Customers can use smartphones, internet or terminals and scan the electronic tag on the packages of Chinese medicine products, so that all the distribution information (planting, manufacturing and distributing) can be tracked. The establishment of this system can avoid fake products. (Source:


来源:荆楚网 2016-12-29


18 public hospitals stop drug mark-up in Jiangmen

December 16th, 2016 | by

The pilot implementation plan of the price adjustment of medical services in public hospitals in Jiangmen came recently into effect. According to the implementation plan, the 15% of drug mark-up is cancelled in 18 public hospitals in Jiangmen, to realize the drug sale without added profit (excluding traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces), i.e. the actual purchase price is the sale price. Except the adjustment of the drug price, the prices of more than 90 examination and therapy items and around 2145 inspection items are reduced by 5%-12%. At the same time, the prices of five kinds of medical services which reflect the technical service values are increased, including examination fee, nursing care fee, bed fee, operation fee and therapy fee. (Source: Guangzhou Daily)


来源:广州日报 2016-12-09

核心提示:《江门市城市公立医院医疗服务价格调整实施方案(试行)》近日正式实施。按照该实施方案,江门18所公立医院自此取消原不超过15%的药品加成率,实现药品零差率销售(中药饮片除外),即以实际购进价作为销售价格。除了药品价格的调整,90多项大型医用设备检查治疗项目和约2145项的检验项目收费标准分别下调5%- 12%。与此同时,5类体现医务人员技术劳务价值的医疗服务价格有所提高,其中包括诊查费、护理费、床位费、手术费和治疗费。

Adjusting the price management mode of low-price drugs in Hunan

December 16th, 2016 | by

Hunan Development and Reform Commission recently published an announcement concerning drug prices. The announcement clarifies related policies about drug prices in Hunan medical institutions. According to the announcement, since the publication date of the announcement, sales without added profit should be implemented basing on the actual purchase price, when public medical institutions sell drugs (including secondary vaccine, excluding traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces). For the sale of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces in public medical institutions, the added profit should not exceed 30 % on the basis of the cost price with tax (the wholesale price). The added profit of non-public medical institutions and social retail pharmacies can be formulated by institutions and pharmacies themselves. Drug prices should be shown to the public. (Source: Chinese Medicine News)


来源:中国医药报 2016-12-08