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The National Essential Drugs List (2018 edition) is officially released

July 11th, 2019 | by

On October 25th, the state released the “National Essential Drugs List (2018 edition)”.The “List” will be officially implemented nationally starting November 11ths. The total number of medicine on the “List” has increased from 520 to 685. The Adjustment of the “List” is based on the coverage of the main clinical diseases, focusing on cancer, pediatrics, chronic diseases, etc. adding 187 kinds of Chinese and Western medicines.


来源:制药站 2018.10.26


Charging according to diseases: the catalogue is extended to 320 diseases

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 16th January, the Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Development and Reform Commission published an announcement of promoting the charging system according to diseases. It is required to extend the range of charging according to diseases in all regions. A catalogue with 320 diseases was published for usage. In this charging system, every disease has a certain amount of fee. If the hospital doesn’t spend this much, it may keep the rest; otherwise the medical institution should pay the extra part. This is a pre-payment model, which is better for the health insurance to control the payment, comparing to the post-payment system according to items. (Source: National Business Daily)

按病种收费目录扩至320个 白血病糖尿病等可实现“一口价”

来源:每日经济新闻 2017-01-18


The State Council implements a new policy to public prescriptions

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 9th January, the State Council published the plan of deepening the health reform in the 13th Five-Year. The plan requires that until the year of 2020, all medical institutions should be 100% covered by supervisions and examinations. The classifying system of the diagnosis and treatment should be formed fundamentally step by step, which fits the national conditions. Besides, the plan clears that medical institutions should make prescriptions with approved drug names and actively offer prescriptions to patients. Prescriptions should not be limited to publish. A new model should be explored to make outpatient purchase drugs from multiple channels. In the future, retail pharmacies will become an important channel to sell drugs and offer pharmaceutical services to patients step by step. (Source:

国务院落实处方外流新政 实体药店的春天来了!

来源:39医药 2017-01-13


The Chinese Medicine law is finally issued after brewing for 30 years

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 25th December, the Chinese Medicine law was issued. It is the first national law which aims at promoting the traditional Chinese medicine. It offers powerful legal support to develop the healthcare of Chinese medicine. The Chinese Medicine law contains 9 chapters with 63 terms and will come into effect on 1st July, 2017. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)


来源:新华社 2016-12-26


18 public hospitals stop drug mark-up in Jiangmen

December 16th, 2016 | by

The pilot implementation plan of the price adjustment of medical services in public hospitals in Jiangmen came recently into effect. According to the implementation plan, the 15% of drug mark-up is cancelled in 18 public hospitals in Jiangmen, to realize the drug sale without added profit (excluding traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces), i.e. the actual purchase price is the sale price. Except the adjustment of the drug price, the prices of more than 90 examination and therapy items and around 2145 inspection items are reduced by 5%-12%. At the same time, the prices of five kinds of medical services which reflect the technical service values are increased, including examination fee, nursing care fee, bed fee, operation fee and therapy fee. (Source: Guangzhou Daily)


来源:广州日报 2016-12-09

核心提示:《江门市城市公立医院医疗服务价格调整实施方案(试行)》近日正式实施。按照该实施方案,江门18所公立医院自此取消原不超过15%的药品加成率,实现药品零差率销售(中药饮片除外),即以实际购进价作为销售价格。除了药品价格的调整,90多项大型医用设备检查治疗项目和约2145项的检验项目收费标准分别下调5%- 12%。与此同时,5类体现医务人员技术劳务价值的医疗服务价格有所提高,其中包括诊查费、护理费、床位费、手术费和治疗费。

The strictest rule against transfusion at outpatient service

November 23rd, 2016 | by

Recently, Tianjin Health and Family Planning Commission published an announcement about regulating the management work of antibacterial agent transfusion. All medical institutions should carry out investigations about the current situation of antibacterial agent transfusion. After analyses, assessments, studies and judges, relevant measures should be planned to implement the “ten key information of rational drug use”, which was formulated by National Health and Family Planning Commission. Until the end of 2016, all antibacterial agent transfusion should stop at outpatient services (except pediatrics). For pediatrics, relevant diagnosis and treatment rules must be followed strictly. The indications of antibacterial agent transfusion must be accurately seized, to avoid any irrational drug use. (Source: Chinamsr)


来源:中国医药联盟 2016-11-16


875 smart electronic pill cases will be put in Wenzhou in the next year

November 23rd, 2016 | by

In the next year, 875 “smart electronic pill cases” will be distributed in seven districts in Wenzhou for the standard treatments of tuberculosis. Eligible patients may get the electronic pill cases from doctors at the outpatient service for free. The anti-tuberculosis drugs in the pill cases are also for free. Different times or time intervals can be set on the pill cases, and the cases will give alarms at the time when the medicine should be taken. The times when the medicine was taken will be recorded automatically. Doctors at the outpatient service can check the data of the electronic pill cases monthly to know the medication compliance of the patients, so that individualized medication instructions can be offered to patients to ensure the treatments with high quality. (Source: Wenzhou Daily)


来源:温州网–温州日报 2016-11-11


New revolution: doctors may establish clinics

November 23rd, 2016 | by

On 1st November, National Health and Family Planning Commission published two documents. One is the revision decision of the control regulations of medical institutions. Another one is about seeking comments for the enrollment regulation of doctors’ profession qualification. One big change in the new regulations is that practicing doctors, doctors that retired due to sickness and doctors during job-protected leave are allowed to establish clinics. Another big change is that the new regulations have listed clinical laboratory centers, medical inspection centers, pathology diagnosis centers, medical image diagnosis centers, hematodialysis centers and hospice care centers as medical institutions. Those centers will get the practicing certificates as medical institutions. This regulation change will be beneficial for related enterprises of medical facilities and in vitro diagnosis. (Source: Chinamsr)


来源:中国医药联盟 2016-11-03

核心提示:11 月 1 日,国家卫生计生委同时发布两份文件。其中,一份是《国家卫生计生委关于修改〈医疗机构管理条例实施细则〉的决定(征求意见稿)公开征求意见的通知》。另一份是《国家卫生计生委关于〈医师执业注册管理办法(征求意见稿)〉公开征求意见的通知》。新法规中一个最大的变化是,今后在职医生、因病退职或者停薪留职医生,都可以开办诊所了!还有一个重大变化,新法规中将临床检验中心、医学检验中心、病理诊断中心、医学影像诊断中心、血液透析中心、安宁疗护中心列为了“医疗机构”,将单独获得医疗机构执业证书,利好于相关医疗设备和体外诊断企业。

New children’s drugs – the adjustment of health insurance category in 2016

October 18th, 2016 | by

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security published the work plan of the adjustment of drug category of the national basic health insurance, employment injury insurance and maternity insurance and asked for comments. New drugs, secondary drugs, children’s drugs, drugs for urgent rescue and special drugs for occupational diseases are listed as key points for the adjustment. After the adjustment, the reimbursement amount will be directly affected. (Source: Liaoning News)


来源:辽宁新闻网 2016-10-09


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Pilot project in Bejing, Tianjin and Hebei – the examination results are admitted

September 16th, 2016 | by

From 1st October, the pilot medical institutions in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will begin the result conformation work of clinic examinations. The results of 27 terms examinations are commonly admitted by 132 medical institutions. Repeated examinations can be avoided under the circumstances that the diagnoses are not affected. The treatment time and fee can be greatly reduced. (Source: Economic Daily)

京津冀试点互认检验结果 须先破“以检养医”

来源:经济日报 2016-09-13


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因此,要想真正实现“医院互认检验结果”,还需改革再往前走一步。首先,加快公立医院改革,建立完善公立医院补偿机制。要不断改善公立医院的医疗资源配置和使用效率,并通过政策创新、制度安排、经费投入,使公立医院不再依靠自身“创收”来发展,使公立医院轻装上阵。同时,要完善医护人员薪酬制度,让其不再依靠收取检查费来提高收入。有关职能部门则要不定期地对医院各项收费项目、收费标准进行检查,建立起患者监督、舆论监督、巡视监督的三级监督机制,确 保收费透明不避讳、公开不缩水。


再次,要对相关机构“互认”实施动态管理。各地可借鉴京津冀的做法,加强对相关医疗机构的检查,建立实施动态管理机制,防止个别医疗机构找借口对其他 医疗机构的检验结果不予承认。对检查发现的不符合“互认”条件的医疗机构,要督促整改,仍不能达标的要取消其“互认”资格。对找借口“不互认”或“忽悠” 患者重新做检验的医疗机构,除对医护人员予以党纪政纪追责外,还要追究相关负责人的责任,以确保“互认检验结果”制度得到有效落实。