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The “One Invoice Policy” will be implemented

June 19th, 2020 | by

On March 5th, the State Council issued a document on reforming the medical and health care system. The document indicates that a regional and a national allied procurement system should be implemented to realize an orderly drug supply system with reasonable prices and competition; medical insurance agencies should deal with the settlement payment directly with manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies. Besides, provincial centralized procurement platforms that are based on medical insurance payment should be established, which combines bidding, procurement, trading, settlement, and supervision.


国务院:推行一票制 经销商结款方式要变了

来源:医药网  2020.03.09


Deepening the reform of the medical and health care system

May 31st, 2020 | by

On February 25th, the State Council issued the “Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health Care System.” The “Opinion” stipulates that medical institutions should improve the management of drug reimbursement lists, medical service protocols, and medicare settlement or increase the efficiency of medicare payment. Besides, the use of medical insurance funds should be strictly supervised, and insurance fraud will be dealt with according to legislation. In addition, the reform of centralized drug procurement should be deepened, and a pricing system that depends on the market should be established. Moreover, medical institutions should improve their service capacity and standardize new medical services, such as consulting over the internet.



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97 negotiations targeted drugs will be published on the internet (National Negotiation)

April 16th, 2020 | by

On December 16th, the NHSA and the National Health Commission jointly issued the “Notification on Ensuring the Usage and Supply of Drugs that are Targeted in the National Negotiation.” The “Notification” stipulated that provincial healthcare security administrations should publish the 97 negotiations targeted drugs on their centralized procurement platform and their new reimbursement drug lists. Besides, healthcare departments should regulate the usage and supply of these drugs and instruct medical institutions to reserve and use them properly according to functions, clinical requirements, and healing effects.


来源:医药网  2019.12.18


The National Medical Insurance Bureau issued new regulations

February 13th, 2020 | by

On August 30th, the National Medical Insurance Bureau issued the “Guidelines of Improving the price management of the ‘Internet+’ Medical Services and the Policies of Medical Insurance Payment.” The “Guidelines” proposed that the price management of the “Internet+” medical services should be included in the policy system of general medical services to realise a unified regulation. The eligible “Internet+” medial services will be regulated under proper medical insurance payment policies in accordance with the principle of online and offline consistency, and its management of medical insurance agreement(Every citizen contracts with a specific hospital) and the settlement process should be improved.


来源:医药网 2019.09.02


The Xi’an Municipal Government launches the submission of increased purchase of selected drugs(“4+7”)

February 13th, 2020 | by

On August 6th, the Xi’an Municipal Government issued the “Notification on Launching the Submission of Increased Purchase of Selected Drugs in Xi’an from the ‘Office of the Leading Group for the Implementation of Centralized Drug Procurement and Pilot Work’”. It is decided to increase the purchase of selected drugs in Xi’an because its procurement exceeds expectations. Besides, the deferred payment of the increased procurement should be paid in time.


来源:医药网  2019.08.07


Zhejiang takes the lead in implementing DRGs payment

February 13th, 2020 | by

On July 18th, the Zhejiang Medical Insurance Bureau issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Reform of Basic Medical Insurance Payment Methods for Medical Communities in Zhejiang Province,” and plans to implement multiple and composite medical insurance payment methods under total budget management. For inpatient medical services, the payment is mainly based on the DRGs (Diagnosis-Related Groups) system. For long-term and chronic disease inpatient medical services, the “daily payment for each sickbed” will be gradually promoted. For outpatient medical services, the “per-head payment” will be implemented, which also combines the “Contracted Family Doctor Services”.


来源:医药网  2019.07.19


Medical insurance designated pharmacies will be incorporated in provincial centralized drug procurement

October 9th, 2019 | by

On May 15th, the Shandong provincial drug purchasing website released a document of “Opinions on the trial implementation of centralized online drug procurement by private pharmaceutical institutions.” The “Opinion” stipulates that private hospitals and chain pharmacies which are managed by the Medical Insurance Protocol should purchase drugs online through the centralized procurement platform of Shandong province, with the total purchase amount not less than 60% of the original usage. The “Opinion” will be implemented on July 1st.


来源:新浪医药新闻  2019.05.17


The pilot program of national organized centralized procurement and use of drugs is officially released

October 8th, 2019 | by

On January 17th, the General Office of the State Council officially issued the “Notification of National Organized Pivot Program for the Centralized Procurement and Use of Drugs.” The “Notification” clarified that the purchase way for each selected drug depends on the number of its production enterprises. The “Notification” stipulated that the advance payment should not be less than 30% of the purchase amount and the total purchase quantity should account for 60%-70% of the full annual drug use of public medical institutions. The centralized procurement this time will be implemented in early 2019 with one year.


来源:制药网 2019.01.18


Anhui: the procurement and use of traditional Chinese medicine products is encouraged

October 8th, 2019 | by

Recently, the Anhui General Office of the People’s Government issued the “Implementation Opinion on improving the National Essential Medicine System”. The “Implementation Opinion” proposed that medical institutions should give priority to the procurement and use of essential drugs that pass the Quality Consistency Evaluation of drugs and are affordable. Some kind of High-priced and high-dose drugs should be purchased with defined quantities. The use of traditional Chinese medicine products is encouraged to support the development of Chinese medicine.


来源:医药网 2019.01.14


The first detailed document for “procurement of drugs(“4+7”)” is released

October 8th, 2019 | by

Recently, Dalian city issued the “Implementation of a National Organised Work plan for centralized Procurement and Use of drugs (consultation paper).” The “Paper” stipulated that public medical institutions should sign a contract with the pharmaceutical production enterprises for the procurement of drugs with defined purchasing quantities and settle the payment of drugs promptly. Medical institutions should run out the contract amount within one year under the premise of ensuring the priority use of the selected drugs. The staff in medical institutions which do not use the drugs as required will be treated seriously by the relevant provisions. The Paper also clarified that the quality and use of selected drugs should be intensively monitored.


来源:制药网 2019.01.11