Frederico Araujo: Methodology for measuring the degree of diffuseness in closed environments using spherical microphone arrays

17. August 2018 | von
2019-11-15 um 11:00 – 12:00
Institut für Technische Akustik
Kopernikusstraße 5
52074 Aachen

It will be presented the first steps of the research to create a methodology to measure the degree of diffuseness of the sound filed, i.e. how close a real sound field is to a ideal diffuse field. The method that will be proposed aims not just to overcome the difficulties of qualifying a room as reverberant, but also to identify the main characteristics of the sound field of a room, allowing to choose the most appropriate acoustic treatment to be adopted to achieve the desired acoustic comfort. The main objective of this first part of this work is to design a measurement structure based on spherical microphone arrays. The processing technique used is a combination of the beamforming algorithm with the Wavelet Transform. In order to ensure high number of measurement points using only few sensors, it was chosen to use a rotating microphone array that makes it possible to capture information from the sound field at 98 points measurements on the virtual surface of a sphere. Measurements and simulations are made and the results are compared with each other in order to test the efficiency of the built system.

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