Guatemala, the land of the eternal spring:

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A new winter is here (or is it the same as last year?) and more than ever I remember my land… where trees always bloom and rain and sun travel together to make rainbows appear very often. Guatemala is not a country many people have heard a lot about, and sadly, the few things some people hear are rather negative, since we do have problems with corruption and violence; however, those who make a trip and discover the way honest Guatemalans live, find in the warmth and friendliness of people a valuable treasure that fits perfectly with the natural beauty that frame the land of the Mayas. Of course, pretty much everyone will say wonderful things about their land, it should be so, therefore I will try to write less and just show some pictures that might do the talking. Some photos courtesy of Miguel Medina, my dear friend and talented photographer who has visited most of the amazing places Guatemala has to offer.

Antigua Guatemala:

this city, whose name literally means old Guatemala due to the fact that it used to be the capital of my country, is famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque influenced architecture as well as many ruins of churches and houses. The predominant colonial style – streets paved with stones, balconies and doors, colors around the city – allows travellers to make a trip back in time and forget about the rushing days we live today. Tourism is the main driver of the economy and more or less a third of the population comes from different parts of the world, since people who visit Antigua tend to try to stay and live there. There are many schools where one can learn Spanish and also many other languages.


Street in Antigua and Volcán de Agua


Catedral de Antigua


Parque central


Calle del Arco


this town located in the department called Sololá, offers another beautiful side of Guatemala: nature. The beautiful lake, the volcanoes and the vegetation give this place a relaxing and inviting set up for people who want to stay away from noisy streets and big cities in general. There are other towns around the lake, one can travel by boat or by car, each of them offers a variety of products elaborated locally.

Sunset in Panajachel.
View of the lake from one restaurant.
One of the many small docks.


even though trees and moss grow all around, the ruins have survived to tell part of the secrets of the Mayas. Miles and miles of forest, rivers and lakes serve as home to thousands of types of plants and animals. It is common to run into spider monkeys, toucans, parrots and with some luch even a jaguar (this last one unfortunately endangered). The pyramids are a reminder of the greatness of Maya society, their most representative buildings: El Gran Jaguar and La Danta are impressive constructions that even to this day marvel visitors.


El Gran Jaguar.
Mayan ruins and temples.
Temples overview

Semuc Champey:

Only recently were these stunning turquoise pools of Semuc Champey discovered in an isolated jungle in Guatemala.  The pools of Semuc Champey are a must see for anyone traveling to my country. Hidden in the jungle near Parque Nacional Grutas de Lanquín is the natural wonder Semuc Champey, a collection of pools that form a staircase situated on top of a limestone bridge with the Cahabón River flowing beneath them. The brilliant turquoise waters and lush jungle surroundings are the perfect spot to sunbath, swim and relax the day away.




There are still some places I could show you here, but in order to keep it rather short, I will stop. I hope you like what you see and if it touched at least a bit of your curiosity bone… take a look online and who knows? Maybe soon we can greet you in Guate 😉


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