Welcome spring!!!

27. April 2015 | von

Hello spring… you just happened to arrive at the right time, when the Sun is shining and the trees are sweetly blooming. But don´t worry, weather is so nice in Germany… especially in Aachen, ask anybody!!!

In all honesty, many say they dislike the weather around here, that is no secret, but I found a quote by John Ruskin – an artist, educator and philantropist – really can help us keep a positive perspective towards those things we cannot change: „Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.“ This comes in handy not just as a way of forcing you to believe something or trying to convince yourself that the opposite of what you see is true, it works because by means of understanding that our environment is of challenging nature, we can face new situations as exactly that: a challenge.

It is interesting to see how we humans tend to do some things that are usually performed by wild animals. I mean, just look at the streets and parks, how they slowly turn into vivid spaces full of people, people who are out just for the sake of being out! Not so much about shopping, not so much about eating or drinking. The gift of seeing that yellow disc in the sky – what was its name, again? – we come out of our shelters and start a new type of life in which people seem to smile more, they seem to enjoy a simple walk, fresh air and that strange feeling of warmth that comes not from wearing a lot of clothes but from that still-don´t-remember-the-name thing that shines. To say it in fewer words: people seem to be in a better mood… weeell, except for those who work in restaurants and similar places, since they now have pretty much twice as much work. Working in a hotel and seriously disliking it, I found it awful (work-related awful) that spring came, but for those who liked the job, it meant more chances of making better tips. Sometimes it all comes down to a point of perspective and preferences, and as I mentioned in a previous post, you don´t have to excel at everything, you don´t have to be the best always and people saying that, no matter what, you should always try to be on top of the hill, well that only makes sense if what you are doing is exactly what you want to do, what brings you joy, what makes you feel satisfied.

Getting up early, studying daily, exercising, eating healthy food, these can be difficult deals, but maybe you can turn them into an easier task if you see them as a way to prove yourself that you have the will to change things you want to, little steps, you know what they say.

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