IRTG Modern Inverse Problems (MIP)

EU Regional School Videos 2020 Part 1

03. Februar 2020 | von

Course 1 – Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Mishra – Current Topics in Numerical methods for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws: uncertainty quantification, statistical solutions and machine learning

This short course is devoted to the topic of state and parameter estimation problems where the goal is to compute a fast reconstruction of the state and associated parameters of interest of a physical system from available measurement observations and the knowledge of a physical PDE model. Due to their ill-posedness, these problems are often addressed with Bayesian approaches. However, in view of their high numerical cost, especially in a high dimensional framework, strategies involving reduced models have recently been proposed as a vehicle to reduce complexity. In this talk, we present an overview of this alternative approach and illustrate its potential for several different applications: inverse problems in biological flows, pollutant estimation in urban areas and nuclear engineering applications.

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