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SSD Seminar Series with Prof. Dr. Joris Degroote

9. Januar 2023 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Prof. Dr. Joris Degroot – Gradient- and Surrogate-based Identification of the Stiffness of a Tube with Internal Flow using Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, Belgium


An elastic tube with internal flow can be considered as the canonical example of blood flow in an artery. Non-invasive medical imaging techniques will typically provide the deformation of the arterial wall, but they do not provide a value for its stiffness. As the local stiffness at each position along the artery is of clinical interest, an inverse problem has to be solved to determine it. Therefore, both a gradient-based and a surrogate-based identification tool have been developed for the flow in an elastic tube.

In the gradient-based identification, an unsteady one-dimensional model for the fluid-structure interaction in a tube has been created as forward solver. The difference between the deformation in the forward simulation and that in a reference case that mimics medical imaging is minimized by using the gradient of this difference with respect to the structural stiffness of each tube segment. This gradient is calculated by solving the unsteady adjoint equations of the fluid-structure interaction problem in a partitioned way.

In the surrogate-based identification, the forward simulation is a three-dimensional unsteady fluid-structure interaction model of a simplified aneurysm, obtained by coupling a commercial finite volume flow solver to a commercial finite element structural code. The aneurysm has a different stiffness than the incoming and outgoing artery. A Kriging surrogate model is then constructed and used to identify the stiffness of the aneurysm with a minimal number of expensive fluid-structure interaction simulations.


9. Januar 2023
16:00 - 17:00




Rogowski Building, Room 115 / Hybrid / Zoom link will be sent in the newsletter one week before the seminar starts. Contact office@aices.rwth-aachen.de for organizational help
Schinkelstraße 2
Aachen, 52062
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