IRTG Modern Inverse Problems (MIP)

Methods for Demand-Side-Management in Process and Chemical Industry

09. Oktober 2018 | von

Prof. Alexander Mitsos, Ph.D.

The shift from fossil-based to renewable energy sources brings with it fluctuation of energy supply. At the same time the energy demand also has strong time variation. As a consequence it is not sufficient to provide energy, but rather it is necessary to match the times of supply and demand. Options to do so include dispatchable power sources, energy storage and demand-side management. The process industry consumes large amount of energy and thus demand-side management in that industry can substantially contribute to solving the time variability.
However, to be able to ensure such a shift in the process industry there is the need for new computational methods. In particular it has been recognized that merging of on the one hand design&operation and on the other scheduling&control is required. These subdisciplines of PSE are traditionally considered separately. Moreover, handling uncertainty of both demand and supply adds a big challenge.
Both AVT.SVT in RWTH and the labs of Baldea/Edgar at UT have been among the first groups to consider this challenge and propose both methodologies and novel technological options. The purpose of the common project is to combine our methodologies and in collaboration with other CES groups overcome the computational challenges associated.

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