IRTG Modern Inverse Problems (MIP)

Model-Controlled Bayesian Inversion for Geophysical Inverse Problems

09. Oktober 2018 | von

Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D.

This sub-project be advised jointly by Prof. Florian Wellmann at RWTH Aachen and Prof. Omar Ghattas at UT Austin. In the context of inverse problems, the field of geosciences provides formidable challenges: the parameter space is large, the applied mathematical models are highly complex, and the available data of diverse quality. We seek here an outstanding candidate to investigate novel geological modeling approaches to address challenging geophysical inverse problems in subsurface applications, for example groundwater and geothermal exploration.

The specific aims of this project are:
•  Obtain novel schemes for combined geological modeling and geophysical inversion
•  Address challenging geophysical calibration and inverse problems

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