IRTG Modern Inverse Problems (MIP)

Research Topics

08. Oktober 2018 | von

1) Novel Stabilized Finite-Element Methods for Microstructured and Complex Fluids

2) Computational Tools for Chemical Imaging

3)  Model-Based Generation of Linear Algebra Software

4) Modeling and Simulation of Solidification with Isogeometric Interface Tracking Methods

5) Boundary Conforming Smooth Spline Spaces for Isogeometric Analysis

6) Metric-Based Anisotropic Adaptation for Optimal Petrov-Galerkin Methods

7) Methods for Demand-Side-Management in Process and Chemical Industry

8) Constitutive Reconstruction for Evolving Surfaces

9) Nonlinear Reconstruction for Probability Densities in Rarefied Gas Flow

10a) Model Order Reduction for Goal-Oriented Bayesian Inversion of with High-Dimensional Parameter Spaces

10b) Multi-Scale Modeling, Model-Order Reduction and Uncertainty Quantification for Transpiration Cooling

11) Model-Controlled Bayesian Inversion for Geophysical Inverse Problems

12) A Hierarchical Framework for Bayesian Optimal Experimental Design

13) Bayesian Model Selection for Complex Shallow Flow

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