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Thank You! The SysAdmin Appreciation Day 2020

July 31st, 2020 | by
VThank You, dear SysAdmins!

Thank You, dear SysAdmins! (

Once a year, on the last Friday in July to be exact, we celebrate the System Administrator Appreciation Day. A very big thank you to you, dear SysAdmins!
It is clear that this year is a very special one and especially the digitalization has become a much more important part of our everyday life.

Maybe we already got used to the fact that almost everything has a digital alternative. Our meetings, project work, lectures and a great deal of organisation are primarily digital. But all this would not be possible without the corresponding systems and infrastructure, especially not without you system administrators. That’s why we would like to say a big thank you on SysAdmin Day 2020! You have made things possible  that one could not have imagined before. Suddenly, almost entire Germany moved into home office and remote work. A special challenge for everyone, but especially for you.

No matter if printer, cluster or homepage

You are there for us, when we cannot get on with our computers, when programs hang, pages run into nothing or the printer could not quench his thirst for paper. Then we call you or write an e-mail and are rewarded with your support and system knowledge. We are glad that you exist! Thanks for your patience and support!

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