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One becomes two: Goodbye and auf Wiedersehen c6k-rog…Welcome n7ks!

December 1st, 2021 | by
The RWTH Aachen University network connects around 350 university buildings. Source: Own illustration

Source: Own illustration

Now it’s official: The c6k-rog was finally switched off from the network at the beginning of November 2021 and is now in a well-deserved retirement. The router, which was the main distributor for all institutes of the RWTH Aachen in the city centre for more than 14 years and routed the entire network, will now be replaced by the two new core routers n7k-carl-1 and n7k-sw23-1.

This means that one router has been replaced by two new, more powerful routers, which will guarantee the IT infrastructure at RWTH Aachen University in the future. This changeover was accompanied by the Network Division of the IT Center which operates the communication infrastructures of RWTH Aachen University. Read the rest of this entry »

Archive becomes DigitalArchive

November 26th, 2021 | by

New technology, familiar service, convenient access

Picture of the tape library

The tape library is the home of the previously archived data. In the future, archiving will take place on S3 object storage. (Source: Own illustration)

December 08, 2021 is an important deadline for all users of the archive and all those who would like to archive data from administration, teaching and university operations in the future.

The contents of the current archive will be migrated to an object storage infrastructure beginning in December. We have already reported on the archive migration and will continue to keep you updated. The archive will therefore inevitably be set to “Read Only” from 08.12.2021. However, you can continue to use the archiving service, because the start of the new DigitalArchive will coincide with this date.

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Access to RWTHmoodle learning rooms via direct link

November 15th, 2021 | by

On the go on RWTHmoodle and suddenly no access to the learning room anymore? This could help! (Source: Freepik)

You are looking for the learning room of a certain lecture or exercise and don’t know how to get it?

We would like to show you a small workaround to access your learning rooms or courses via direct link.

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TIM- Adé!

October 25th, 2021 | by

TIM(e) to say goodbye! (Source: Own illustration)

As already mentioned in our post on Bye-Bye TIM TIM has already been taken offline on 24.07.2020.

For many years, our Tivoli Identity Management System (TIM) was a faithful and constant companion in the everyday life of RWTH. We enter the famous, RWTH-wide known identifier with two letters and six digits several times a day into the various systems and pages of the RWTH. But don’t worry, the user name remains, only TIM no longer exists.

TIM(e) to say goodbye!

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Datensicherung.NRW x Commvault – The Kick Off Event

October 22nd, 2021 | by

A project of DH.NRW (Source: Datensicherung.NRW)

Datensicherung.NRW continues to grow.

Data Protection by NRW Universities for NRW Universities is the approach used to design the state-wide service.

Now that 29 universities have joined the consortium, another big player from the data protection sector has joined: the software manufacturer Commvault, offered by the systems house Cancom.

On 20.09.2021 the digital kick off for the cooperation took place. Details about the kick off can be found in this article.

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Bye, bye simpleArchive – Life is simple, but not easy… or is it?

September 27th, 2021 | by

Photo: Pixabay

On October 5, the time has come: We say goodbye to simpleArchive. What this service has made possible for us and how you can archive research data in the future, you can read in this blog post.

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Background knowledge on the research data storage

September 24th, 2021 | by
Cyperspace data cable electronic

Picture: Pixabay

We already reported on the commissioning of the new research data storage system at the beginning of the year. In this article, we take a closer look at the process level of the storage system.

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Follow-up report: That was this year’s ErstiEvent of our new MATSE2021

September 17th, 2021 | by

After the new MATSE trainees spent the first day of their dual training with their training employers, all 110 new trainees were welcomed by the MATSE training group on Sept. 2, 2021.



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The CLAIX Annual Report for 2020 is online!

August 27th, 2021 | by
Annual review

Annual review

The CLAIX annual report for 2020 has been published. Which projects were mastered and computed with the help of the computing cluster despite difficult global times are reflected in the detailed CLAIX Annual Report. The HPC office of the IT Center invites you to read it. Read the rest of this entry »

Unmotivated during your work at home? Our top 5 tips to boost your motivation!

August 20th, 2021 | by
Arbeiten am PC

Photo: Pixabay

Over the past year, much of the population has spent more time than usual in their own homes: lockdown, quarantine, homeschooling. Public life has been scaled down and working from home has become commonplace for many professionals. But how do you stay motivated in a home office? We asked our team and share our tips and tricks with you. Read the rest of this entry »