Stadt Sehen – Trailer-Opening – Invitation!

02. Juli 2016 | von


(this is a very nice drawing made by Labor Fou)

Hey Ho!


Hereby I come to share a nice invitation!


Already for some time I posted about this interesting Project organized by the Schauspiel Köln called Stadt Sehen, which one of the main objectives is to experience, develop thoughts and propose together a future for the neighborhood of Mülheim in Köln.


This is actually a two-year project, and along this time very many events, workshops, salons, talks, lectures and many other actions play a role…. And as already described, it is all about acting together with the neighborhood. This means that everybody is warmly invited to take part in all the events.


At Tuesday the 5th of July, at 18h there will be the inauguration of this construction trailer, which is to be the new dependence of the project. It will be placed under the Bridge in Mülheim, and it will host frequently different activities related to the neighborhood.


On Tuesday thou is the inauguration! There will be good music, barbecue, beer, nice people and even nice weather! Nonetheless a research group will present a Performance, another theater group will organize a public rehearsal in which we can take part. And three workshops that explore the neighborhood will also take part.


Btw, I’m involved in the organization of one of those, the Raumfähre, where the main objective is to explore and investigate about the mobility, barriers and limits of the neighborhood. The workshop is planned to coarse a track along Mülheim and also probe the different types of transports. I can only say that it is gonna be really nice!


You’re of course super invited!


See you on Tuesday!

1(this is the Mülheim Bridge, and under it is where this event location)

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