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12. Juli 2016 | von


This Sunday happened one of the biggest events in Köln, the Christopher Street Day (CSD). This mixture of party and demonstrations happens yearly in many cities around the world. And its topic is basic about the rights of LGBT and against discrimination, homophobia and exclusions.

So as the colors of the LGBT flag, the party in Köln was pretty rainbowy!

Incredibly many people packed the streets in the Alt Stadt to check the parade. About 100 decorated floats took part there. They presented different Mottos (some more colorful, playing louder music, drag queens, choreographies and etc.), but all of them were there to bring into discussion the gay pride, and the importance of the free will.


This year was in particular special because it was the celebration of its 25 jubilee. So actually the celebration already started two week before with several events around the city, more or less like a big festival!


I personally can only enjoy the fact that people celebrate and demonstrate such an important cause in the streets, and that the city embraces this cause. The streets and infrastructures suddenly become like a scenario to this big party. It is also nice to experience the city working differently to the daily routine: big streets blocked and empty like a big park, many colorful people walking, running, sitting on places that normally they are expelled by the speed of cars. Another really positive fact of having the city as stage, is that such an important cause is brought into the surface and made visible by the society. Some people were only passing by and decided to stay and party together. And even those who still have difficulties in accepting the differences have a chance to have a closer look, and (hopefully) change their point of view…


For those who wants to see more pictures, this link from the Köln Stadt Anzeiger show good shots!





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