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24. Juli 2016 | von


Have you ever placed yourself as a spectator of the daily life? Like, giving up for a moment what you are doing or have to do, and simply observe the other people?

If you do so, you will see so many obvious and natural scenes, but that in a second sigh, or in a more poetic sight, it will all seem part of a big play. Like everything was rehearsed for happening in that way at that moment.

And all of this just for you…

You sit at a public space, leave all your thoughts, your to dos and concerns behind, and just observe.

The pigeons fly like in a choreography.

That old lady walking slowly and carrying some plastic bags seem exactly the same as all those other old ladies who carry plastic bags.

The kids playing and running and giggling make the whole scene lighter, as if we should remember that is everything fine in the end.

There is the young boys gang. They are hanging around, playing cool, yet there is some humor behind it.

Three man wearing the same blue dirty uniform enjoy their after work time with a beer in their hands.

The clouds flow smoothly in the sky, and therefore the light slowly changes. Sometimes the direct sunlight encounters a part of this scenery, highlighting and making that scene warmly. And the wind, it sometimes blow smoothly this dawn colder breeze, that make the hair of that beautiful girl slowly move, and that man close his jacket.


At the same time that the others suddenly become the actors and one seems to be invisible and just feeding from this scene; The one automatically becomes the actor for all the others. The observer is another figure there sitting or standing and staring at the others… And this composure of roles and sceneries happen actually everyday, everywhere, every time. It’s the play of life, where everybody is actor and spectator at the same point. The question though is if we want to sometimes stop for a while and simply enjoy. Because actually this is the most difficult task of our roles, to remember the poetry and let us be amused.


Those and many other reflections were brought by this amazing theater play I’ve been to, called WELTPROBE from DRAMA KÖLN. I must say that the experience is really worthy. It is much more than just a play. It is an inversion of roles. It’s an immersion in the public space, in the city, and its people, and in our way to see and appreciate life.


If you got interested, check their website. There you will find more information about the play!





Those pictures are „scenes“ from my experience during the play. The question is only, who was really actor, who was just there, what was real and what was rehearsed.






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