and finally summer!

02. August 2016 | von



especially for me this is super amazing. Crazily I’ve been skipping summer for already 3 years because of going back to Brazil, then staying there for 6 months, than coming back to Germany, then staying here for 6 months… And in this confusing schedule, I always had to give up the summer, either in Brazil or in Germany!


Therefore, more than ever I feel like being super active, enjoying every late sunset and organizing nice outings when having some free time.


Since the weather is now not only super pleasant, but also stable, it is the perfect time for planning a longer trip than just a day outing. Maybe during the weekend, two days away or something like it!


Those days I went with the bike into such a weekend trip. We actually didn’t plan so much, we only knew where we wanted to spend the night, and followed a way that wouldn’t be so steeply. Since we were quite without plans, we had some nice surprises concerning the change of landscape and some nice views. Another positive point is that the sunset is now a days pretty late, so the biking can be relaxed and in terms, avoiding the strong sun and temperature around midday and afternoon.


Pack some nice juicy fruits, a lot of water, cap and sunscreen and hit the road!



Strawberry fields (forveveeeeer!) – a great positive point: having fresh snacks on te way!



meeting new buddies! Mééé!



and the beautiful rise of the almost full moon!




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