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19. August 2016 | von



I’m almost sure that in our student life in any fields of study there is and will be a particular something that one will hate doing. I can imagine, for example a mathematician who hates calculating, or a journalist who doesn’t like writing. A linguistic that can’t stand reading…

I may be exaggerating, but in my case, I’m an architect who hates building models! For some this is so extreme and shameful as the examples shown above….


The point is that by building models a supernatural talent is required: a little similar to Zen energy, like an inner glow and peaceful mind. The process is simple, you start by cutting small similar pieces, than you have to glue them precisely together, and when done, you have to put all parts together to compose your project. And starting by the cutting part is already a nightmare. The pieces are normally small, and you have to be precise in the cut, otherwise other parts won’t fit with each other. And depending on the material after three cuts, your fingers are already hurting because you really have to press hard… (not mentioning the risk of cutting yourself with the cutter, of course…). The gluing part is the worst! Either you need to sing all calming down mantras to be patient waiting the glue to dry while you bizarrely hold the parts your trying to glue together, or if your impatient like me, you can appeal to the flash glue (like super bonder). The problem lay specially on those who aren’t so skillful in handcrafts like me, and end up gluing the fingers together, or sticking or gluing your fingers on your model, or… there are very many possible disasters with this type of glue (!) And the following is the need to use the violence in order to unstick your limb, and you end up ruining something (even you skin, which will hurt for more a month). Finally is the very big moment when you’ll put the parts together – and they won’t fit (minutes of crying).


Apart from the hard and dark process, once you manage to finish you model, it brings us naturally a strong happiness. Firstly because it means you conquered this very worse part of designing a project, and secondly, because seeing your project is real, and this sweet small scale is very fulfilling.


And since I just passed through this intense life experience, hereby I share some pictures with you. (sadly they lack light, and therefore are not in the very best quality).



starting to cut the raw material and glue all together



cutting and adding the streets.


streets, surroundings, some trees and even the tram line are already there!

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