Requiem for a new start and it’s farewell

31. August 2016 | von

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They say our lives are like the waves in the sea, in constant movement, always changing. Right now I can’t help feeling differently after spending one year and one month in Germany and being back home.


At start, one year seems an eternity: it is difficult to leave home, leave our friends behind and to arrive in a new place and settle down… It is even hard to imagine yourself back in one year, because we have no clue of how this time abroad is going to be like, and so there is a huge blank in our heads.


During this year abroad there is so much to do, to discover, to learn, lots of people to meet (and even manage to survive Uni), that the passing of the time is felt differently and in an intense speed.


So after all, this long term experience doesn’t seem so long, or worse, we conclude that it was all too short and that we would like to be able to start again everything from the beginning – mostly because we needed so much time with the settling down part that we wish we could live a little longer the things that we finally arranged, and enjoy the people we slowly got to know, etc…


Nonetheless coming back home is also a big deal! The people and the city naturally kept their natural moving speed. And we somehow missed one year of this process. It is very common that many of our friends and people we know seem somehow different to us (and so do we to the others!). Since we’ve got in touch with so many new things, examples, situations, people… we definitely incorporate some of those lived experiences in our thoughts and characteristics, and therefore we inevitably also change in a way… So it is not only hard to accept the idea of leaving behind this “new life” we started, but also coming back to the “old one”…


Blended in those mixed bitter-sweet emotions of feeling happy but sad and feeling grateful for meeting again so many great friends and my family but even leaving part of my heart behind in Köln, all I can do is share some nice pictures of my Heimat (in the head picture you see a view of my city, Sao Paulo).


As you can foresee, this is my very last post, because life is constant movement, and like the Bloghaus, it is always changing… I’m looking forward to know about the next inhabitants of this amazing WG and to follow their experience abroad. It was a big pleasure to share my most happy and most difficult time during this unforgettable moment of my life.


Macht’s gut!!!





2014-09-24 12.49.44

(this picture show one of the main characteristics of my city: it’s contrasts)


(speaking of contrasts, in São Paulo, furthermore in Brazil, the strong social diference is sadly a big characteristic of our society. In this picture you see a typical Favela, a slum, and a public sports facility)



(very close to São Paulo you can find the coast to the Atlantic sea. There you can find such an amazing nature)


2014-09-06 13.32.39

(one very last picture of this amazing place!)



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