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my first hello!

22. Oktober 2015 | von

Hi Guys!

I’m Nina, architecture student from São Paulo, Brazil.

This is the second time that I’m experiencing a life (and studies) abroad in Germany, so (theoretically) I already survived the unknown and learned from (thousand) mistakes – not that I don’t commit errors anymore, or that I already know all the truth about this world. I actually want to share support for those who are new. And say that I understand and legitimate all that you’re feeling – from being amazed by drinking so many tasty beers, knowing everyday a bunch of cool people, to feeling homesick. Don’t worry, we share that bitter felling of having already (and more than once) taken the wrong bus to the Uni and being reeeally late. And, yes, I also don’t understand a word in lectures because the professors speak simply too fast (pretty different from the hearing exercises in my German book)… Weiterlesen »