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Emilia. Warsaw. Brutalist Architecture.

28. Mai 2016 | von

the Mezzanino



Brutalist Architecture Sample



This building called Emilia was constructed to host a furniture store during the soviet regime in Warsaw. When the communism fell, the original activities held in the edifice were also brought under. On the same time Warsaw’s city center met the real estate business – this means: when investors buy a piece of land in a city and resell them for a much higher price since they are normally a site of interest; since those areas costs really much, only other big investors can afford buying or building on those places, and guess what, what is built on those areas are not nice public facilities like a cool cultural center or a nice park, but something private and profitable, like a huge-blue-glassy shopping mall, or a gigantic-fortress-like-skyscraper, and similar other types of excluding and not human-orientated architecture. – Today Warsaw’s city center mirrors exactly this situation: uncountable shopping malls concurring with each other, huge blue-glass-facade-skyscrapers, large sites of parking lots, that make the area not suitable for pedestrians since everything is so big and so far from each other and many of those are better accessed by car then by foot (!).


Emilia is like a pearl in the middle of this glass and car jungle. It presents itself pretty shyly due to it’s high of only two floors. But delight the observer due to its simplicity but pleasant facade. Its roof is in shape of zigzag and from the outside we can see the interior and the beautiful designed stairs that connect the floors that create a mezzanine with each other. This main block connects with a thinner block that hosts on the first two floors also part of this store, and in the other 6 floors host housing. Those two blocks form a courtyard with beautiful trees and offer a connection to the two parallel streets that outline the building.


This modern architecture testimony hosted for years many arts exhibitions after the end of the soviet regime in Warsaw. But even though it could resist to the real estate wave that already disfigured the whole Warsaw’s center… this Saturday, the 14th of may was the very last day of Emilia’s life. It’s now gonna give place to another uninviting and excluding skyscraper.


This happens with very many building and cities all over the world. Sadly this is how our system works. If the land is profitable, it will be bought by someone and resold to another one who is not interested in what is gonna be built, but how much money can this building-to-be provide. That is how the history of many cities, and examples of different architecture styles are vanished now a days… It is a silent destruction. And worse, shopping malls, offices skyscraper and parking lots are a type of architecture that is restricted to a big part of the population. And normally their vast sizes transform the scale of the city, making them more inhospitable and therefore emptier.

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source:  http://www.uncubemagazine.com/sixcms/media.php/1323/37.2440457.jpg



It's beautiful street sign

the café

view from the café to the courtyard