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This year’s Bachelor projects

July 14th, 2014 | by

In our pheno group we had a whole bunch of Bachelor students which have now submitted their Bachelor theses. Some of the themes are roughly related to the actual projects we are working on at the moment, otherwise we tried to cover current topics in particle physics. And these are the topics:

Constraining the Higgs Width at the LHC
Freeze-out abundance in neutralino DM scenarios
The Two-Higgs-Doublet-Model at the LHC
Die Feldmannbedingung und die Stabilität des Vakuums
Constraining neutralino DM scenarios at the LHC
The impact of interference effects and selection cuts on angular distributions of the Higgs decay to four fermions
Finetuning measures in Supersymmetry models
Interpretation of Simplified Model Results for Theories with Extra Dimensions and Supersymmetry
Interpretation modelunabhängiger Suchen in der Supersymmetrie
Constraining neutralino DM scenarios at the ILC

After the submission of the theses, it is not yet time for vacation: the students will present their projects on Thursday, 24th of July in 26C402. Most of the talks will be in german.

If you are interested, feel free to drop by!

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