SIAM Student Chapter Aachen

Seminar on Software Engineering for Scientific Coding


You are invited to join our new seminar series on SeminarCoding

Software Engineering for Scientific Coding!


When: Fridays, 10:15-11:15am, starting 13.11.2015

Where: Rogowski building, Room 328


The purpose of the seminar is to discuss and share experience about software engineering related topics. Short introductory presentations (about 40min) are followed by Q&A and discussions in the audience.

Here, the list of topics the seminar is following:

  1. Documentation guidelines (speaker: Kai, 13.11.2015)
  2. Version control: Git & SVN etc. (speaker: Roland, 20.11.2015)
  3. Functional- vs. Object-Oriented programming (speaker: Jonas, Roman, 27.11.2015)
  4. Debugging & Profiling (speaker: Thomas, 15.01.2015)
  5. Software Testing (speaker: Eduard, 22.01.2015)
  6. Design patterns (speaker: Mark, 05.02.2016)
  7. Programming Paradigms (speaker: Steffi, 19.02.2016, in R115)
  8. Your topic (speaker: you)

If you are interested in helping to prepare one of the topics above or if you want to add a new one to the list, you are very welcome to write an email to Thomas. Don’t hesitate: the presenters are not expected to be experts in the chosen topics.