SciCom – Infectious Diseases in a Nutshell

virus in a nutshellThe blog SciCom is part of the seminar „Infectious Diseases in a Nutshell“ from the lecture series „Molecular Cell Biology of Human Pathogens“. Students attending this seminar will be trained in the basic principles of science communication and the use of modern media in the context of human infectious diseases. At the end of the seminar they will publish here their own blog articles about current infection events of public concern.

The students are taught in the molecular cell biology of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths and arthropods infecting the human body, as part of the lecture series. In the seminar, they are guided to transform this knowledge to modern media formats like vlogs, podcasts and animations. In pairs they will pick a current infection event of their choice and compile a blog article including self-produced audio and video contributions.

The overall aim is to enable the students to transfer their detailed scientific knowledge into explanatory messages addressing the general public.

Lecturers of the seminar are Dr. Sandra Bennink, Timo Reiß and René Lesnik, members of the unit „Cellular and Applied Infection Biology“ (ZAI) lead by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Pradel. The research objective of the unit is the malaria causing parasite Plasmodium falciparum and the molecular processes that program its pathogenesis and life cycle.

This seminar is the first of its kind, starting in the summer semester 2023. We are looking forward to motivated students, creative contributions and inspiring discussions. 🙂