Just travelling back from six days working at ESRF’s ID11 beamline with Ryan Hurley and Axel Henningsson. We did compaction operando experiments with halite samples, collecting µCT data, full field 3DXRD data and scanning 3DXRD data from small subdomains, which, combined, will allow us to characterize grain scale deformation pretty comprehensively: The µCT data allow us to quantify the volumetric changes and strains, whereas the XRD data give us information on (dynamic) force chains and even the lattice deformation in 3- and 4D. The experiments had some issues, mainly, we were slightly overwhelmed by X-rays (it’s a 4th generation synchrotron beam, after all), which kept drying out our samples, but we’ve learned lots and lots for next time. The analysis of the XRD data is apparently pretty challenging (and firmly in the domain of my collaborators), but I hope that, within a few months, we can start talking science! (05/05/24, FF)