NHSA:maintaining the “two-ticket policy”

October 25th, 2022 | by

The National Healthcare Security Administration has recently stated that the “two-ticket policy” still plays an important role in drug procurement in medical institutions. Therefore, it should not be abolished at this time.


来源:医药网  2022.10.25


Yangtze River Delta region: Promoting multi-regional drug regulatory data sharing

October 24th, 2022 | by

Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Drug Administration signed a “memorandum of collaboration among drug administration authorities on strengthening digital drug supervision in the Yangtze Delta region” with Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and other drug administration authorities in the Yangtze Delta region. Following the signing of the memorandum, the Jiangxi Provincial Drug Administration took the lead in developing the “Standards for the collection and exchange of data in terms of the supervision and production of drugs in the Yangtze Delta region,” which establishes a mechanism for sharing and reusing electronic data in the Yangtze Delta region and effectively promotes data sharing and reuse in terms of drug review and approval, drug production supervision, and credit administration.


来源:大江网  2022.10.24


Tianjin: organizing the recycling of household expired drugs

October 11th, 2022 | by

In 2022, the Ninghe Distinct Market Supervision Bureau selected 50 rural pharmacies as household expired drug recycling centers to establish a household expired drug recycling network in 15 towns throughout the distirct. The Supervision Bureau made unified boxes for these expired drugs. They also developed a household expired drug recycling system and organize designated pharmacies to register, store and hand in expired drugs.


2022.10.11 来源:天津市宁河区市场管理监督局


Changchun: promote the development of the drug traceability system

July 27th, 2022 | by

Since this year, the Market Supervision Bureau of Changchun City, Kuancheng Branch, has urged pharmacies to register in the “Mashangfangxin” drug traceability platform and upload drug tracability data. Through drug warehousing and sales, drug tracability data will be collected so that the purchase, sales, and inventory of drugs can be checked to ensure drug safety.


来源:国家重要产品追溯体系  2022.07.27


Guangdong: Improve the modern drug distribution system

July 15th, 2022 | by

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration and the Department of Commerce jointly issued a “notice on improving the modern drug distribution system to promote the development of drug distribution.” The Notice proposes that modern logistics standards for drugs should be implemented in Guangdong province to make drug storage and transportation more efficient, cost-effective, standardized, and intelligent. To deliver drugs to both urban and rural areas, an efficient and safe drug distribution system should be established, as well as a cross-regional province-wide drug logistics supply chain. Large drug distributors should be primarily responsible for drug distribution while small and medium-sized drug distributors should support them.


来源:医药经济报  2022.07.15


Hebei: promote the development of pharmacy chains

July 2nd, 2022 | by

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Drug Administration issued “Opinions on Supporting the Development of Pharmary Chains.” The “opinions” advocate the connection between the prescription systems of physical and internet medical institutions and pharmacy chains. The “opinions” encourage pharmacy chains to allow patients with chronic diseases to buy prescription drugs with the same name and specifications in the same pharmacy chain without presenting the prescription if they have previously used this prescription in this pharmacy chain. The “opinions” also encourage pharmacy chains to establish remote prescription review centers to provide remote pharmacy services to patients and review prescriptions for them, which serves as a supplemental service for patients when licensed pharmacists are not on duty or are not at their working hours.

最新!河北出台26项创新举措 助力药品零售连锁企业发展

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Tianjin: implementing remote drug prescribing

June 10th, 2022 | by

Recently, the Tianjin City Fourth Regulatory Office advised pharmacy chains in their jurisdiction to implement remote drug prescribing. The Regulatory Office explained to pharmacy chains the requirements for implementing remote drug prescribing, as well as the standards that must be met and the concrete steps to be taken. They also evaluated the entire prescribing process, including generating prescription drug orders, initiating remote drug prescribing requests, pharmacist remote review of prescriptions, order confirmation and collection in the remote drug prescribing system, and making suggestions for the prescription process.

第四监管办指导药品零售连锁企业 开展远程药事服务工作

来源:天津市药品监督管理局  2022.06.10


Yunnan: ratings of pharmaceutical service qualifications of pharmacies

May 16th, 2022 | by

Recently, the Yunnan Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry Association and two other departments jointly promoted a pilot project to rate the pharmaceutical service qualifications of pharmacies. Experts evaluated pharmacies based on their environment, staff and training program, standards, system setup and function, drug dispensing and prescription administration, medication records management, service of medication guidance and consultation, and functional zoning of pharmaceutical care and supporting facilities. This was done to improve licensed pharmacists’ skills and standardize the development of drug distribution enterprises.


2022.05.16 来源:新浪财经


Shanxi: traceability system for selected drugs

May 13th, 2022 | by

Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Drug Administration issued a “Notice on Further Work on the Construction of Traceability Systems for Selected Drugs.” According to the Notice, all pharmaceutical enterprises must establish a sound drug tracability management standard, as well as build their own drug tracing system in accordance with national standards or use a third-party drug tracing platform. When secondary and tertiary medical institutions warehouse selected drugs, they must provide drug information to upstream distributors and cannot warehouse drugs that do not match their tracability information. When there are problems with drug quality and safety, medical institutions should work with drug manufacturers and upstream suppliers to record and provide information for drug recalls.


2022.05.13  来源:国家重要产品追溯体系


Guangdong: Implementing an OTC drug trading reform

March 15th, 2022 | by

On March 15, a pilot project was announced to allow the sale of OTC drugs in convenience stores operated by large trading groups which also own pharmacy retail chains under the titel “Implementation of the Pilot Program of Class-B OTC Drugs Trading Reform in Guangdong Province”. With this plan, Guangdong Province supports efforts to save costs by encouraging large chain convenience store headquarters and drug retail chain enterprises in the same group to integrate with one another. The public can take advantages of the pilot convenience stores’ 24 hour availability by purchasing commonly used OTC drugs. On the same day, Guangzhou and Dongguan cities launched the Drug Business License for large convenience store chains selling OTC drugs as the provinces’s first pilot program.


来源:新浪看点  2022.03.15