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Smart supervision platform for medical treatment goes online – violations will be automatically given an alarm

January 20th, 2018 | by

Health and Family Planning Commission in Hubei has recently launched the smart supervision platform for medical treatment services. When doctors prescribe drugs, the related data will be uploaded to the platform for synchronization. If there is any violation, the platform will give an alarm automatically.  The platform is known to be on trial in provincial-governed hospitals and will be promoted to all hospitals in Hubei Province in 2018. (Source: Chutian City News)

医疗智能监管平台上线 遇违规行为将自动警报

来源:楚天都市报 2017-12-11

核心提示:湖北省卫生计生委近日已启动医疗服务智能监管平台。 医生在开具处方时,相关数据会同步上传到平台。如有违反规则的行为,平台将自动弹出警报提醒。据了解,该平台目前正在部省属医院试用,2018年将在全省各医院推开。