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Heze, Shandong: Promoting the recycling of household drug waste

October 29th, 2021 | by

On Oct 27th, Heze implemented a public education program on the recycling of household drug waste. The measure aims to/is intended to raise public awareness about drug safety, address the harm caused by drug waste, educate the public about safe drug use and household drug waste recycling, and arouse public interest in recycling household drug waste on their own initiative. Household drug waste recycling, safe drug use consultation, reporting complaints, and other services were set up at the activity site. Other 50 designated pharmacies promoted the recycling of household drug waste during the program.


来源:搜狐网  2021.10.29


Liaoning: holding province-wide online training for licensed pharmacists

October 26th, 2021 | by

On Oct 21th, the Liaoning Medical Product Administration organized a province-wide online training event for licensed pharmacists. The training interpreted the background, main contents and regulations of the “Management of the Registration of Licensed Pharmacist” and taught the pharmacists to improve their ability on drug quality management, prescription review, and guidance on rational use of drug.


来源:辽宁省药品监督管理局  2021.10.26


Supervising drug price in designated retail pharmacies

October 21st, 2021 | by

On October 18th, Shanghai Sunshine Medical Procurement All-In-One Website released the “Notification on Drug Price Supervising Measures for Shanghai’s Pharmacy Chains.” The “Notification” requires designated pharmacy chains to upload drug pricing information to the ‘Shanghai Medical Procurement Service and Supervision Information System’ when selling drugs on the national reimbursement drug list; the uploaded drug prices are monitored by the “Red/Yellow Line” warning system, which creates an alert when the price exceeds the Yellow Line and rejects price adjustments when the price exceeds the Red Line.


来源医药网  2021.10.21