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“List of imported drugs that are suggested to be imitated” is released

November 8th, 2019 | by

On June 20th, the National Health Commission issued the initial “List of imported drugs that are suggested to be imitated.” The National Health Commission has cooperated with the National Medical Products Administration and other departments to organise experts to select a total of 34 drugs whose patents expire or patents that are about to expire but have not been filed for registration. The “List” also includes drugs that are in short supply or actively declared by enterprises.

首批鼓励仿制药品目录 34个药品入选

来源:医药网 2019.06.21


“Drug Evaluation Report in 2018” is released

November 8th, 2019 | by

On July 1st, the National Medical Products Administration(NMPA) issued the “Drug Evaluation Report in 2018.” The “Report” shows that the Drug Evaluation Centre of the NMPA reviewed and approved 106 new drugs in 2018. Although the number of applications for registration of new drugs has increased by 47%, the evaluation time has been reduced significantly in comparison to 2017. Benefiting from the accelerated drug evaluation reforms, the number of applications for registration of innovative drugs has increased significantly in 2018, of which 85% were from domestic companies. At the same time, in order to improve the quality of generic drugs, the Drug Evaluation Centre has made every effort to promote the “Quality Consistency Evaluation for Generic Drugs,” and there were eight batches of generic drugs that are involved in comparison to 2018.


来源:中国医药报 2019.07.01


Difficulties with sharing prescriptions

May 4th, 2018 | by

In October 2017, all pharmacies in Wuzhou, Guangxi started to share prescriptions. By means of the prescription within 24 hours, patients can go to any pharmacy which joins the sharing platform to pay the medication fee and buy drugs. This means four months later – after the beginning of the pilot project in May – the prescription information sharing platform, which is promoted by Health and Family Planning Commission Wuzhou, officially reached the implement phase. (Source: 21st Century Pharmacy)


来源:21世纪药店 2017-10-13


Hospitals default in tens of billions – the department of commerce starts to intervene

January 31st, 2017 | by

A while ago, the department of Commerce in Hunan sent letters to the health reform office in Hunan and informed them that several hospitals in Hunan have stopped the payments for drugs for three months because “the drug operation cost and drug management fee were not embodied in hospitals”. Recently, the pharmaceutical distribution industry association Hunan showed that since the beginning of 2016, 20 public hospitals have defaulted on the drug payment in more than 10 billion yuan. To maintain the normal supply, some pharmaceutical manufacturers have to take out loans from non-government institutions with high interest rates. The loss from it can be 200 thousand yuan per month. (Source: Bioon)


来源:生物谷 2016-12-22


Pilot “electronic prescriptions” in retail pharmacies in Chengdu

November 23rd, 2016 | by

To solve the problems of the sale and supervision of prescription drugs, and to meet the demand of purchasing drugs, the pilot project of “electronic prescriptions” is being carried out in Chengdu. Until now, around 3000 pharmacies in Chengdu offer the consultation service, and 1800 pharmacies carry out the pilot project of electronic prescriptions, where people can get consultations, electronic prescriptions and review electronic prescriptions for free. (Source: Economic Information Daily)


来源:经济参考报 2016-11-11


2016 Chinese cross-border medicine trade development summit meeting wrapped up

November 23rd, 2016 | by

The 2016 Chinese cross-border medicine trade development summit meeting, i.e. the special discussion forum of the Indian market, was held on 24th -25th October in Shenzhen. This summit meeting was organized by Drugdu and China Healthcare Business Development (CHBD) and attracted more than 100 people to discuss the future development of the medicine cross-border industry together. Participants included leaders of excellent Chinese and Indian pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical researchers, Internet pioneers of vertical industry and financial investments elites. The discussion of the summit meeting focused on: (1) the basic rule and cooperation model of overseas market development; (2) registration regulation requirements and the characters of market channels in developing countries; (3) integration of platform sources and transboundary development. (Source: Bioon)


来源:生物谷 2016-10-26


Ali Health bought a pharmacy with an online trading license for 16.8 million

August 4th, 2016 | by

On 6th July, Ali Health signed an acquisition agreement with the “five-thousand-year pharmacy”. Ali Health buys all the equity from the “five-thousand-year pharmacy” for 16.8 million. The “Five-thousand-year pharmacy” mainly works on the business of the retail of medicine and Chinese herbal medicine, and runs the pharmaceutical retail chain stores. It has an Internet drug transaction services qualification certificate and is allowed to sell OTC and other drugs online according to relative policies. (Source: Netease)


来源:网易 2016-07-07


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Shunfeng paticipates the distribution of second vaccination

July 12th, 2016 | by

For a long time, the distribution of second vaccination in China has been complex and complicated, so that the supply and service capacity of the industry is relatively bad. After the new policy about second vaccination in April 2016, the wholesale enterprises are out. The business of the logistics distribution is newly divided. On 28th June, the person in charge of cold transportation at Shunfeng said that the cold transportation at Shunfeng has already taken part in the distribution business of second vaccination. Shunfeng starts to deploy the cold-chain transportation capacity according to the situation of the whole industry. (Source: Caixin)

顺丰参与二类疫苗配送 规划布局冷链运输

来源:财新网 2016-07-05


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医药冷链物流垄断现象显着。马建聪介绍说,冷链物流一般由药品商业流通主导,销售分销决定了冷链药品的流向,各个商业企业均根据自身的销售情况建立自 己冷链配送模式。相较而言,社会物流企业专业化程度低,缺乏冷链药品的配送经验和专业知识,如果没有进行专业的培训,在提供运输服务时容易发生运输风险, 从而导致药品企业不信任社会物流企业的冷链物流能力。另外,多级分销制导致冷链药品流通的环节多,各环节冷链物流能力参差不齐,运输过程质量难以管控。

4月25日,山东疫苗案之后,国务院颁布新政《国务院关于修改〈疫苗流通和预防接种管理条例〉的决定》(下称《决定》。新政规定,二类疫苗采购纳入省 级集中招标平台,二类疫苗批发企业全部出局,二类疫苗生产企业负责对接并配送到县级疾控机构,县级疾控机构再向下供应到各基层接种点。

医药冷链配送的难点在于经历多个物流环节,不同的环节使用不同的运输资源和信息系统,要实现药品流通全程的信息共享和全程温控,势必需要有统一的标准 和执行标准的能力。业内普遍认为,新政凸显了国家规范药品行业的决心,中国的医药冷链行业将在2016年进入高速发展的快车道。


在二类疫苗配送领域,疫苗生产商自建队伍、疾控系统自营冷链系统、疫苗批发企业转型、传统医药流通龙头及传统物流巨头将重新划分蛋糕。马建聪认为,冷 链药品物流未来的市场格局将分由两个部分做主力支撑:传统医药流通的巨头企业、社会物流企业中医药冷运的专业公司。“后者正在崛起中,物流服务的基因带给 这些企业以市场化和资源配置的不同角度,存在令药品流通行业的服务更加优质的竞争机会。”

但也有分析认为,顺丰等物流龙头企业花大价钱博取小市场并不划算,深度介入疫苗流通领域的可能性不大。安信证券研报认为,目前可能会接手疫苗配送业务 的有两种:国药等医药流通龙头冷链配送能力强,资源丰富,参与二类疫苗流通的概率较大;而疫苗厂商完全自营配送队伍的成本较高,有望与转型配送服务的原疫 苗批发企业再次携手合作。

顺丰则认为,作为具备丰富物流经验和运输管理能力的公司,顺丰拥有的网络覆盖资源不容小觑。“顺丰正在针对整个行业的分布情况,配置冷链运输能力,特 别是冷藏专用车辆。用于医药运输的专用冷藏车也分为干线运输车辆和支线运输车辆两种,其中干线车辆主要用于承接疫苗生产企业的整车运输业务,支线车辆主要 用于承接同省配送至区县疾控中心业务。从目前顺丰的业务布局看,支线车辆主要集中在四川、江苏、东北、广东等几个省份。”马建聪表示,顺丰作为民营企业在 投资管理模式和企业决策执行上具备更多活力,顺丰正在加大医药专用投资和人才配置,并发挥第三方平台的开放优势,在规范市场中获得发展机会。


New deployment from Ali: “One-minute clinic” in pharmacies

July 12th, 2016 | by

On 18th June, the opening ceremony of Ali Health Internet Hospitals in the Northwest was held in Jinchang. Almost 300 pharmacies in Gansu Province will join the program of “One-minute clinic“ from Ali Health Internet Hospitals to offer the professional and real-time online medicine consulting service. As known, the processes of “One-minute clinic“ are: patients come to the pharmacies and log into the “One-minute clinic“ through the mobile devices or computers in the pharmacies. After choosing the doctors according to their symptoms, patients will communicate with the doctors by audio or image-text. The doctors online will give the suggestion about the medicines. (Source: NetEase News)


来源:网易新闻 2016-06-21

核心提示:6月18日,阿里健康网络医院落户西北揭牌仪式在金昌市举办,德生堂集团及旗下 111医药馆位于甘肃省的近300家线下门店将接入阿里健康网络医院的“一分钟诊所”,在店内为消费者提供专业、即时的在线医药咨询服务。据了解,“一分钟诊所”的操作流程是,患者来到药店,通过药店内的移动设备或电脑登录“一分钟诊所”,根据自身症状选择医生后,通过语音或图文与医生沟通病况,在线医生则按照在线问诊咨询的实际情况提供康复或用药建议。

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6月18日,由金昌市政府、金昌市卫计委主办的2016中国互联网+社区医疗高峰论坛暨阿里健康网络医院落户西北揭牌仪式在金昌市举办,德生堂集团 及旗下111医药馆位于甘肃省的近300家线下门店将接入阿里健康网络医院的“一分钟诊所”,在店内为消费者提供专业、即时的在线医药咨询服务。金昌糖尿病专科医院、金昌市中医院和金昌市金川区中医院与阿里健康签署合作协议,将通过阿里健康网络医院平台,为中国医药O2O先锋联盟成员所辖的药房门店提供“一分钟诊所”在线医药咨询服务。据介绍,此举也为甘肃互联网医疗+社区又添加了一条创新探索的道路。

当前,无论是在一线城市还是偏远农村,大大小小的药店随处可见。然而,由于药师资源的紧缺,且绝大部分药店的店员并不具备专业医药知识,无法解决附近居民的 医药咨询需求,而阿里健康网络医院为药房门店专门设计的“一分钟诊所”服务,填补了药店的这一不足。据了解,“一分钟诊所”的操作流程是,患者来到药店, 通过药店内的移动设备或电脑登录“一分钟诊所”,根据自身症状选择医生后,通过语音或图文与医生沟通病况,在线医生则按照在线问诊咨询的实际情况提供康复 或用药建议。

在当天的活动现场,记者了解到,德生堂集团及旗下111医药馆位于甘肃省的近300家门店,将于近期率先开通这项服务。未来, 还将为居民提供包括慢病管理、康复指导、疾病预防、健康教育等现有医疗机构体系所缺失的个性化和人性化服务,提高居民的健康水平、疾病治愈率、减缓疾病发 展以及预防疾病伤害发生的医疗健康管理服务。


The growth of pharmaceutical industry slows down; six pharmaceutical companies cooperate

May 26th, 2016 | by

Recently, six national pharmaceutical companies – Shanghai Pharma, Baiyunshan PH, Nanjing Medical, HPGC, Tianjin Pharmaceuticals and CQP – signed a memorandum of cooperation about building up a joint medical platform. They plan to invest 500 million in total to establish a purchase platform company, so that the attracting capacity and bargaining power of six companies can be improved, while the purchase and operation cost of enterprises could decrease through the cooperation. (Source: Economic Daily)

医药行业增速放缓 六大药企“抱团”发展

来源:经济日报 2016-05-26


[hide for= “!logged”]近日,国内六大医药企业上海医药、广药白云山、南京医药、哈药股份、天津医药、重庆医药联合签署《筹建联合医药平台合作备忘录》,建立采购平台公司。在业界看来,如此高起点、高规格的医药企业“牵手”在行业内尚属首次。