2016 Chinese cross-border medicine trade development summit meeting wrapped up

November 23rd, 2016 | by

The 2016 Chinese cross-border medicine trade development summit meeting, i.e. the special discussion forum of the Indian market, was held on 24th -25th October in Shenzhen. This summit meeting was organized by Drugdu and China Healthcare Business Development (CHBD) and attracted more than 100 people to discuss the future development of the medicine cross-border industry together. Participants included leaders of excellent Chinese and Indian pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical researchers, Internet pioneers of vertical industry and financial investments elites. The discussion of the summit meeting focused on: (1) the basic rule and cooperation model of overseas market development; (2) registration regulation requirements and the characters of market channels in developing countries; (3) integration of platform sources and transboundary development. (Source: Bioon)


来源:生物谷 2016-10-26


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