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Coding rules for chinese traditional drugs

September 27th, 2020 | by

On September 25th, the NMPA issued the “Coding Rules of Chinese Traditional Drugs Included in the Reimbursement List and Pharmaceutical Preparations of Medical Institutions.” The code of Chinese traditional drugs consists of 10 digits and four sections. The first section represents Chinese traditional drugs. The second section represents different medical standards in different cities. The third section represents drug effects. The fourth section represents the name of drug. The code of pharmaceutical preparation of medical institutions consists of 16 digits and 4 sections. The first section represents pharmaceutical preparations. The second section represents different medical institutions in different cities. The third section represents medical institutions. The fourth section represents the sequence of pharmaceutical preparations in different medical institutions.


来源医药网  2020.09.27


The State Council: encouraging online drugs trade, prescription sharing and online medical consulting services

September 23rd, 2020 | by

On September 21st, the State Council issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Consumption Created by New Forms of Bussiness”. The “Opinion” stipulates that a public service platform of online and e-commerce services should be established and improved to accelerate the integration of online and offline services; online medical services should be developed, which means scheduled appointments of consulting services, online medical consulting services, prescription sharing and online drugs trade will be promoted.


来源:医药网  2020.09.23


Developing evaluating systems of drug pricing and bidding and procurement performence

September 17th, 2020 | by

On September 16th, the NHSA offically issued the “Guidelines on Establishing a Evaluating System of Drug Pricing and Bidding and Procurement Performence,” which stipulates that each province should establish and launch their own system before the end of 2020. The “Guidelines” clarifies that centralised procurement organizations of drugs and medical equipments should prevent pharmaceutical companies from fixing unreasonable drug price, such as via giving kickback to hospitals. At the meantime, the pharmaceutical companies that do not act properly will be documented and punished according to different levels of dishonesty while they are also encouraged to rectify to regain their credit score.


来源:医药网  2020.09.17


Pharmacy chains can only rise the price of drug in the reimbursement list by 15%

September 3rd, 2020 | by

On September 1st, the “Reform Project on Improving the Functions of the Centralised Drug Procurement Platform and Promoting a Full Coverage of Payment Requirement of Drugs on the Reimbursement List in Zhejiang Province” was implemented. The “Project” indicates that drugs included in the list of online transactions on the provincal procurement platform of drugs and medical equipments are included in the provincal drug reimbursement list. Designated public medical institutions and private medical institutions should fix the drug price that accords with the price on the drug reimbursement list while  pharmacy chains can rise the price upto 15% based on the price on the list.

9月1日起执行医保用药 药店只能加价15%

来源医药网  2020.09.03