Pharmacy chains can only rise the price of drug in the reimbursement list by 15%

September 3rd, 2020 | by

On September 1st, the “Reform Project on Improving the Functions of the Centralised Drug Procurement Platform and Promoting a Full Coverage of Payment Requirement of Drugs on the Reimbursement List in Zhejiang Province” was implemented. The “Project” indicates that drugs included in the list of online transactions on the provincal procurement platform of drugs and medical equipments are included in the provincal drug reimbursement list. Designated public medical institutions and private medical institutions should fix the drug price that accords with the price on the drug reimbursement list while  pharmacy chains can rise the price upto 15% based on the price on the list.

9月1日起执行医保用药 药店只能加价15%

来源医药网  2020.09.03


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