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The State Council: encouraging online drugs trade, prescription sharing and online medical consulting services

November 24th, 2020 | by

On September 21st, the State Council issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Consumption Created by New Forms of Bussiness”. The “Opinion” stipulates that a public service platform of online and e-commerce services should be established and improved to accelerate the integration of online and offline services; online medical services should be developed, which means scheduled appointments of consulting services, online medical consulting services, prescription sharing and online drugs trade will be promoted.


来源:医药网  2020.09.23


Gansu: Online medical service for first-visit patients is not allowed

October 10th, 2019 | by

Recently, the Gansu provincial Health Commission published the “Administrative Measures for internet hospitals in Gansu province” to regulate internet hospitals and online medical services. The “Measures” stipulates that when patients visit internet hospitals, doctors can only provide follow-up service for the same diagnosis through the internet hospital after they have mastered the original case data of patients. The “Measures” clarifies that online medical services should be traceable throughout the whole course. Besides, internet hospitals can provide Contracted Family Doctor Service, and well-known experts are encouraged to set up online studios through Internet hospitals.


来源:新浪医药新闻 2019.06.02


Pharmacists are allowed to practice medicine at more than one pharmacies

October 10th, 2019 | by

On May 24th, Shanxi Food and Drug Administration issued the “Notification on strengthening the management of licensed pharmacists in pharmaceutical retail enterprises,” which encourages licensed pharmacists to practice medicine at more than one pharmacies during holidays and off-hours. The “Notification” indicates that licensed pharmacists in pharmacies can check prescriptions as telework to serve patients during their off-hours. To solve the shortage of licensed pharmacists in towns and villages, pharmacists in the township can assume the responsibility of licensed pharmacists.


来源:制药网 2019.05.24


Difficulties with sharing prescriptions

May 4th, 2018 | by

In October 2017, all pharmacies in Wuzhou, Guangxi started to share prescriptions. By means of the prescription within 24 hours, patients can go to any pharmacy which joins the sharing platform to pay the medication fee and buy drugs. This means four months later – after the beginning of the pilot project in May – the prescription information sharing platform, which is promoted by Health and Family Planning Commission Wuzhou, officially reached the implement phase. (Source: 21st Century Pharmacy)


来源:21世纪药店 2017-10-13


Pilot project in Beijing: delivery from manufacturer to patients

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 13th January at a conference of the Beijing People’s Congress, an officer from Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission said there will be a pilot project about the delivery of drugs in Beijing. Drugs will be delivered to patients by manufacturers directly without pharmacies, so that the space and labor in medical institutions can be saved. However, the prescriptions from doctors are still needed for the delivery. (Source: CN-healthcare)

北京将进行试点 药企对患者送药上门

来源:健康界 2017-01-18


The State Council implements a new policy to public prescriptions

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 9th January, the State Council published the plan of deepening the health reform in the 13th Five-Year. The plan requires that until the year of 2020, all medical institutions should be 100% covered by supervisions and examinations. The classifying system of the diagnosis and treatment should be formed fundamentally step by step, which fits the national conditions. Besides, the plan clears that medical institutions should make prescriptions with approved drug names and actively offer prescriptions to patients. Prescriptions should not be limited to publish. A new model should be explored to make outpatient purchase drugs from multiple channels. In the future, retail pharmacies will become an important channel to sell drugs and offer pharmaceutical services to patients step by step. (Source:

国务院落实处方外流新政 实体药店的春天来了!

来源:39医药 2017-01-13


Health reform in the next five years is set down by the State Council

January 31st, 2017 | by

On 21st December, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting. To deepen the health reform became the important topic again. Detailed deploy was decided at the meeting. The key task during the 13th five year plan is to reduce the drug price. Controlling the price and reimbursement of the health insurance will still be the key point of the reform in the next year. Besides, the process will be accelerated, so that patients at the outpatient service may buy drugs at retail pharmacies according to the prescriptions. (Source: Chinamsr)


来源:中国医药联盟 2016-12-22


Pilot “electronic prescriptions” in retail pharmacies in Chengdu

November 23rd, 2016 | by

To solve the problems of the sale and supervision of prescription drugs, and to meet the demand of purchasing drugs, the pilot project of “electronic prescriptions” is being carried out in Chengdu. Until now, around 3000 pharmacies in Chengdu offer the consultation service, and 1800 pharmacies carry out the pilot project of electronic prescriptions, where people can get consultations, electronic prescriptions and review electronic prescriptions for free. (Source: Economic Information Daily)


来源:经济参考报 2016-11-11


New model of “Internet+” helps to solve drug sale problems

November 23rd, 2016 | by

On 13th October, Nanchong FDA said that a pilot management system of retail electronic records will be carried out in Gaoping District. This system is a positive exploration to solve supervision problems of the sale of prescription drugs. Furthermore it offers a solution to the problem of pharmacies that they are lack of sources of records. With the help of public medical institutions, the system offers free services to customers by Internet outpatient service. The free services include free health consulting, diagnosis of mild cases, electronic ordinary prescriptions and instructions of taking medicine. (Source: Nanchong News)

“互联网+”新模式 破解南充处方药销售难题

来源:南充新闻网 2016-10-14


“Doctor Tree“ launches electronic medical history, which starts the big data era of medical treatment

April 28th, 2015 | by

Recently, one of the leading doctor-patient service platforms – “Doctor Tree” updates a new version with the module of “Remote Health”, which realizes the function of electronic medical history. The responsible person of Dorctor Tree says, the launch of electronic medical history is not only convenient for doctors and patients, but also useful in big data research behind electronic medical history.  (Source: HINT)

医生树推电子病历 开启大数据医疗时代



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当前移动医疗市场从产品表面看,主流的几个医患平台如紫色医疗、杏仁医生、医生树、好大夫、春雨医生等没有太大差异,其核心都是利用平台对接医患关系,进而 实现在线远程沟通咨询。但从细分领域来看,每一个APP都有天壤之别——春雨医生与好大夫主打诊前在线“轻问诊”,医患沟通中因为患者还不能与医生形成持 续的服务关系,因此无需病历和数据监测;杏仁医生和紫色医疗主要侧重于在线诊后的医患沟通环节;而医生树是在诊后医患“强关系”的背景下,进一步实现了数 据和服务打通的APP应用,看起来更符合在线远程医疗服务的发展方向。

据悉,医生树于去年9月上线至今,短短半年时间发展迅猛,已在超过1.2万名三甲医院专科医生和20万患者间建立起了连接。作为在移动医疗大背景下诞生的诊后医患服务平台,其电子病历紧跟用户需求,可将患者血压、心率、体重、体脂、血糖、体温、血氧(未来还将支持免疫状况、手术信息、遗传病史以及过敏史)等 基本体征数值录入,自动为每一位诊后患者建立云端的电子病历档案,让医生精准掌握每位患者院后的病情。


据记者了解,国内医生常担忧在线远程医疗服务咨询时,没有任何患者数据作支持会涉及一些误诊风险,因此这就更需要通过电子病历方式让医生了解患者病情。不过,常规的纸质病历又缺乏科学性、便捷性和连贯性数据。而在医生树上的体征指标信息录入全部由患者自身来操作,智能设备能够自动记录身体指标,医生通过查 看电子病历,可更有针对性地对患者进行问询,尤其在医生为诊治过的患者提供后续远程指导服务时,能够最大限度为患者精确服务。

医生树的注册医生,来自北京协和医院心内科专家的田然博士在接受记者采访时表示:“越来越喜欢‘医生树’这一移动医疗APP,让我和患者沟通起来更加方便快捷。新推出的电子病历,可以说大大节省了我们医生‘问’这一环节的时间,患者所有健康情况一目了然,让我的远程在线咨询服务工作变得更加轻松。我希望我的 患者以后都能在医生树上建立自己的电子病历,我也会去时时关注。显然,对于慢性病的管理更需要将数据与服务对接。”