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NMPA: encouraging the reimbursement of payments incurred at designated retail pharmacies by medical insurance

February 17th, 2023 | by

On February 15th, the NMPA published a “Notification on Reimbursement of Payments incurred at Designated Retail Pharmacies by Medical Insurance companies.” The Notification states that the integrated fund will pay the costs incurred by insured persons when purchasing drugs that are included in the national reimbursement drug list at designated retail pharmacies based on prescriptions from designated medical institutions. The Notification clarifies that the implementation of the electronic prescription center should be accelerated by relying on the national unified health insurance information platform to achieve a smooth flow of electronic prescriptions from designated medical institutions to designated retail pharmacies. The designated medical institutions can issue long-term prescriptions for eligible patients for up to 12 weeks.


来源:医药网  2023.02.17