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Gansu Baiyin: promoting home expired drug recycling in communities

August 5th, 2021 | by

Recently, Baiyin Administration for Market Regulation organized a propagenda campaign in communities to promote home expired drug recycling. The officers place expired drugs recycling bins in communities to educate residents about the benefits of recycling expired drugs, rational methods for using and storing drugs, and the dangers of using and discarding expired drugs, while also advising residents to be cautious when disposing of household expired drugs and to raise awareness of healthcare issues.


来源甘肃省市场监督管理局  2021.08.05

日前, 白银市市场监督管理局组织开展居民家庭过期药品回收进社区宣传活动。执法人员在活动现场设置过期药品回收箱,向群众宣传回收过期药品的意义,让人民群众充分了解正确使用和合理储存药品的方法,以及使用过期药品、随意丢弃过期药品的危害,引导广大群众自觉规范清理家庭过期药品,提高健康保护意识。